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Maharashtra Congress leader’s wife Shabina Anis Qureshi says she is connected to Sajjad Nomani, known for endangering Hindus in the name of a mythical...

Link between Shabina Anis Qureshi and Sajjad Nomani emerged. Both are #BhagwaLoveTrap fame and misguide Muslims

Delhi: Sacred threads forcibly cut, poster of Lord Ram torn in a school, students punished for applying tilak and saying Jai Shri Ram

Those who said "Jai Shri Ram" were subjected to running 10 laps around the school before being suspended the following day.

Dahaad: An anti-Hindu propaganda bouquet which has whitewashing of Love Jihad, demonisation of upper caste Hindus and caste discrimination

Zoya Akhtar's Dahaad is an anti-Hindu propaganda that whitewashes love jihad in the most subtle way

Netizens speculate if Atiq Ahmed’s killers shouting Jai Shri Ram could be a plant

Atiq Ahmed and his brother Ashraf Ahmed were killed by three assailants on Saturday, April 15, when they were being taken for medical in Prayagraj, Uttar Pradesh.

A Twitter thread by user Meer Faisal got thousands of RTs, claiming Hindus perpetrated violence during Ram Navami: Here are 15 lies he peddled

‘Journalist’ Meer Faisal posted 30 videos on Twitter to allege that Hindus started violence during Ram Navami, all of them expose his lies

Pakistan: Human rights fact sheet exposes appalling condition of minorities, from textbooks to streets, non-Muslims face discrimination everywhere

There is significant increase in the religious content against minorities in curriculum and textbooks in Pakistan, the report highlighted.

As Kajal Hindusthani receives Sar Tan Se Juda threats with Zubair and other Islamists dog whistling against her, here’s a timeline of how things...

Emboldened by inaction in the Nupur Sharma case, Mohammed Zubair recently dog whistled against Kajal Hindusthani.

‘Brahminism will fully bind your mind till you keep reciting Jai Shri Ram’: IIT-B student incites fellow students against Hindus

In a viral video, an IIT-B student is seen dissing Brahmanism and 'Jai Shri Ram' to instigate fellow students against Hindus.

Muslims object to bhajan and aartis in Mandir while Azan blares on mosque loudspeakers: Hindus in Palamu say the violence was pre-planned – Ground...

Following the February 15th incident in Palamu in Jharkhand ,local Hindus have said that the attack against Hindus by a Muslim mob was pre-planned

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