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House Resolution 1131, Hinduism and Hinduphobia – How anti-Hindu groups are opposing resolution that recognises Hinduphobia in the USA

Anti-Hindu groups in the USA oppose House Resolution 1131 which aims to officially acknowledge the violence faced by Hindus in America.

‘It is known as a biased organization with political agenda’: India firmly rejects USCIRF report on religious freedom in India

India rejected the report of the US Commission on International Religious Freedom (USCIRF) that accused ruling BJP of "reinforcing discriminatory nationalist policies"

Pro-Hamas ‘activist’ Riddhi Patel who is facing terror charges in the USA gets fired by CRPE

Riddhi Patel was arrested on 10th April for giving death threats to Bakersfield Mayor and city council members.

Madras Music Academy: The dark history of how arts has been used to cover up misconducts of various hues

The Sangita Kalanidhi Award announed for TM Krishna by Music Academy presided over by N Murli as drawn outrage from several Hindu maestros

Propaganda, narrative & falsehoods packed in fancy words: How left-liberals over-intellectualise to project holier than thou approach against Hindu sentiments

The recent left liberal to rant was Saurabh Dwivedia who despite an attempt to sound like a political scientist, failed to drive home the point he was trying to make

Badaun Police detains father and uncle of Sajid, who had murdered two minor Hindu boys

The father and uncle of the deceased Sajid, who was killed in a police encounter, have been detained by the Uttar Pradesh police for questioning regarding a double murder case in Budaun district.

Nitasha Kaul’s statements on Kashmir aided Pakistan’s anti-India propaganda, was deported based on preventive lookout circular against her

Nitasha Kaul was invited by the Congress-led Karnataka government for the two-day event 'Constitution and National Unity Convention-2024' on 24 and 25 February in Bengaluru.

Meet Manoj Singh Duhan: Pro-Khalistan separatist leader Amritpal Singh’s aide who runs Hinduphobic propaganda to convert Hindu farmers to Sikhism

Pro-Khalistan separatist leader Amritpal Singh's aide, Manoj Singh Duhan often posts derogatory comments on Hindu deities and Hinduism.

OP Jindal Global University suspends student for a semester for ‘Destroy Ram Mandir, erect Mosque’ remarks at ‘Brahmanical Hindutva Fascism’ event

University Student Disciplinary Committee of OP Jindal Global University suspended a student named Mukundan M Nair for the controversial event against Ram Mandir

‘Destroy Ram Mandir, erect Mosque over it’: leftist students discuss at ‘Brahmanical Hindutva Fascism’ talk hosted by OP Jindal University

OP Jindal Global University draws ire for hosting an event wherein students described Ram Mandir as a 'farcical project of Brahminical Hindutva Fascism' and called for its destruction

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