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Party of Islamic Renewal targets OpIndia, rants against Sufi Islamic Board and its demand to ban PFI, says Muslims has right to fight against India

Because Sufi Islamic Board’s comments on PFI were published on OpIndia, Party of Islamic Renewal claims that it proves that SIB has deep pconnections to Hindutva-Brahman supremacists

Days after OpIndia reported that Sufi Islamic Board that they have been threatened by Popular Front of India (PFI) for its efforts to expose them, a radical Islamists group Party of Islamic Renewal has come forward to defend PFI and slam the Sufi board and OpIndia. The Party of Islamic Renewal published a long rant against SIB today, where they also targeted OpIndia.

A person with the Twitter handle @UmmahWolf2, which claims to be a staffer in the Party of Islamic Renewal led by Al Massari, has published a 14-page document on social media today, where he went on a long rant against Sufi Islamic Board, where he used terms like dogs of RSS to describe them. Quoting two OpIndia Reports on SIB, the letter tried to refute their claims, saying that the board has not legitimacy.

To counter the board’s assertion that Muslims are not persecuted in India, Party of Islamic Renewal quoted a long list of articles published by several anti-Hindu Islamist and left-liberal media houses, which claim that Muslims are facing persecution in India. The letter said that Sufi Islamic Board’s claim is ‘laughably blubbering’.

Apart from media reports, it also quoted some ‘reports’ by some organisation to claim that Muslims are being harassed in India under the Modi govt. Liberally using the terms Nazism and fascism in the entire document, the letter quotes several fake claims like the claim that Adolf Hitler’s Mein Kampf a best seller in India or that there are concentration camps in Assam, and called love jihad non-existent.

‘Wolf Of The Ummah’ says that Sufi Islamic Board is dog of “fascist BJP/RSS”, and refuted the charges that Popular Front of India (PFI) is ‘radicalising’ Muslims and engineered the hijab row. “I repeat, no: it is the fascist BJP/RSS Hindutva-Brahman supremacists’ policies which are inciting communal disharmony and alienating Muslims,” he wrote.

He claims that the Muslims are the aggrieved party in the contrived ‘hijab row’, and the PFI can’t be blamed for it. He said that SIB is part of the problem because they are allegedly agents of BJP/RSS.

The Party of Islamic Renewal further declared the Board as Kafir. They wrote, “The so-called SIB are therefore collaborators to fascists, and are munafiq kaffirs in the Islamic legal definition: see Quran 5:55-56, 3:28, 3:118, 4:88-91. The self-styled SIB’s claims to do such treachery and nifaq for ‘communal harmony’ are the well worn-out excuse of the munafiq kaffir, Quran 2:11-12.”

It then mocked SIB for their “pathetically meagre following on Twitter,” claiming it proves that both the organisation and its “munafiq kaffir Secretary General Syed Hasnain Baqai” do not have grassroots Muslim support. Given that SIB’s comments on PFI were published on OpIndia, the letter by the ‘Wolf Of The Ummah’ claims that it proves that SIB has “deep personal connections to high ranking members of the Hindutva-Brahman supremacist movement.”

“This leads us to conclude that you are a group that does not exist independent of the BJP/RSS, and are not an organic part of the Muslim community in India, but a façade of the BJP/RSS to demobilize and rule over the besieged Muslims in India,” the letter further states. It adds, “In reality you are no different than the Nazi collaborator Kapos who assisted in the Holocaust or the munafiq Harki collaborators during French colonialism in Algeria”.

The letter accused of SIB of working for monetary gain, because the organisation asked people to donate to them instead of PFI. “You munafiqs stand shoulder to shoulder with rapacious sexual deviant Hindutva-Brahman supremacists,” it accuses.

Going on and on about alleged atrocities of Muslims in India, the letter alleges that “concentration camps being bult in Assam will mostly be inhabited by Muslim women, guarded by hate filled Hindutva-Brahman supremacist regime forces with a record of rape culture.”

“In effect the SIB wants the Muslims of India to become slaves and their women concubines like the imperial Japanese comfort women in Korea and China during WW2, or like the Uighur Muslims in Xinjiang,” it adds further attacking the board.

In the most schocking part of the letter, the Party of Islamic Renewal claims that Muslims in India have the right to use violence. It claimed that the prophet had actually supported violence against Kafirs, saying that against the claims of SIB that actions of PFI go against the Prophet Mohammed’s true Islam, the letter states that the Prophet Muhammad praised Abu Basir and his rebels in their resistance.

It further said, “Muslims in India have the Islamically legitimate right to carry out insurgency, sabotage & espionage against officials of the Indian regime involved in oppression as well as soldiers and police officers enforcing oppression.” The letter said that PFI should ignore any ban imposed on it, and said that “any individuals and Muslim organisations in India, banned or otherwise, are at liberty to war with the state until all measures of persecution are rescinded, or independence is achieved.”

Declaring an open war against India, Party of Islamic Renewal said that the alleged atrocities on Muslims in India gives “all Muslims on Earth, outside of India, the Islamically legitimate right to declare war on the Indian regime as a legitimate defensive jihad”. It added if Muslims outside of India cannot directly “participate in conflict against the BJP/RSS Hindutva-Brahman supremacist fascist regime”, they should “seize its assets, confiscate its shipping, deny it access to airspace and waterways, expel its workers, fund, arm and train mujahideen and state military forces engaged in war with India, and use cyberwarfare and sanctions against it.”

Party of Islamic Renewal said that they reject the terms like ‘terrorism’, ‘extremism’ and ‘radicalism’, and encouraged all Muslims to participate in the jihad against India. They claim that actually “the tyrants in the UN Security Council, and India, Myanmar, the Zionist entity ‘Israel’ etc” fit the term terrorist.

The radical Islamist group then suggested that Muslims in India can ally with other separatist groups like Sikhs For Justice. They appealed the SIB members to defect from the organisation, after leaking documents of the organisation.

The letter ended with threats of communal violence in India. It said, “I say to the SIB and their masters in the BJP/RSS: if you do not stop provoking conflict with the Muslims of India, and now the Islamic world, you will learn the truth of Robert Fisk’s warning, as your dream of Akhand Bharat turns into a nightmare, and India descends into the flames of communal carnage: ‘it would be better for you to leave India’s 180 million Muslims alone”.

Ayodhra Ram Mandir special coverage by OpIndia

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