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‘When 130-feet tall Hoor in Jannat points a finger, sun disappears’: Read more astonishing things said by a Pakistani Maulana

The Maulana in the viral video said, "When Allah commands to make a girl (Hoor) of Paradise, He enriches her with His Noor (beauty)."

Recently, a video went viral on social media in which a Maulana named Jarjis Ansari Hafizullah addressed a crowd and said that Muslim women should offer themselves to their husbands under all circumstances. Now another video has surfaced in which a Maulana is talking about 130-feet tall Hoors (Angels). A banner is also seen in the video on which Maulana’s name is written as Tariq Jamil.

While sharing this video, Navin Tripathi wrote, “Wallah! It is the craving for 72 such Hoors, each one of them being 130-feet tall, that these poor explode at any random place.”

In this video, Maulana says, “There is a canal is the Jannat (the paradise). It is called Bydak. It is covered by pearls. Inside, it is filled with Musk, Amber, and Saffron. When Allah commands to make a girl (Hoor) of Paradise, He enriches her with His Noor (beauty). The whole 130 feet girl comes out. Fully dressed. A Hoor of Jannat. Not that she is first in the uterus of a mother, gets birth after 9 months, takes the feeder, then rolls, stands up, walks, and then becomes an adult. No. She is for us.”

Further in this video, the Maulana explains in detail, the manufacturing process of this Hoor. He says, “If such a Hoor from Jannat, points the tip of one of her fingers to the sun, then the sun will disappear. Because the Hoor of Jannat is 130-feet tall, she will just lift some Syed Zahir up and put him in her pockets. This Syed Zahir will then say ‘Kem Chho, Kem Chho’ (meaning How are you in the Gujarati language). But then, she will say that ‘I don’t know Gujarati, speak in Arabic’.”

Describing more about the amenities in Jannat (the paradise), he said, “Allah will say that let my servants listen to the songs of the paradise. They will sing for you the songs of paradise. And the first song will last for seventy years. For seventy years you will not move from there. you will see that beautiful face for seventy years. Just imagine, a fingertip is so beautiful that the sun disappears. Then how beautiful their faces would be. Her long hair is so shiny that whenever she shakes her head, there is such a big light in the paradise as if searchlights are put on.”

After a little investigation, this video is found to be old. In many places on YouTube, this video is seen uploaded in 2020. It has gone viral several times before. The video on YouTube is about three minutes long. Tariq Jameel is a Pakistani Islamic cleric, and television preacher, who is also a member of Tablighi Jamaat. He belonghs to the Deobandi school of Islam and delivers sermons all across the world.

A few days ago, another old video had gone viral in which there is none other than Maulana Jarjis Ansari addressed the audience as a speaker. Earlier too, many of his controversial videos have gone viral.  In the viral video, Maulana explains that even if a Muslim lady is pregnant and about to birth a child, under any circumstances, she should not deny her husband if he asks for sexual pleasures.

In the video, Maulana says, “O Muslim woman! If you don’t allow your husband to take advantage of your body (sexually), you are committing a grave sin.”

Explaining the commandment of the Prophet, he says, “That’s why the Prophet said – even if you are about to deliver a child and your husband wants to enjoy your body, and have sex at the time of delivery, then O Muslim woman, you will have to fulfill your husband’s wish.”

He further states that if the woman does not satisfy her husband, he might go to another woman in search of satisfaction. “Because you alone can control the fire of his lust. If you won’t, your husband will go to other women to satisfy himself,” he added.

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