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‘Prophet said even if a woman is to deliver a child and her husband wants to have sex, she should fulfil his wishes’: Muslim cleric in a viral video

Explaining the commandment of the Prophet, Maulana Jarjis says, "O woman! Even if you are in the process of delivering a child and your husband wants to enjoy your body, and have sex at the time of delivery, then you will have to fulfil your husband's wish."

A video of a Maulana Jarjis Ansari Hafizullah addressing a crowd and saying that Muslim women should offer themselves to their husbands under all circumstances has gone viral on the internet. In the viral video, Maulana explains that even if a Muslim lady is pregnant and about to birth a child, under any circumstances, she should not deny her husband if he asks for sexual pleasures.

In the video, Maulana says, “O Muslim woman! If you don’t allow your husband to take advantage of your body (sexually), you are committing a grave sin.”

Explaining the commandment of the Prophet, he says, “That’s why the Prophet said – even if you are about to deliver a child and your husband wants to enjoy your body, and have sex at the time of delivery, then O Muslim woman, you will have to fulfil your husband’s wish.”

He further states that if the woman does not satisfy her husband, he might go to another woman in search of satisfaction. “Because you alone can control the fire of his lust. If you won’t, your husband will go to other women to satisfy himself,” he added.

Reiterating the Prophet’s words, he declares that the lady must surrender her body at any cost and that she cannot refuse. The video has been gaining rounds over the internet with many people resharing it.

Maulana Jarjis has a history of making contentious remarks

For a long time, Maulana Jarjis Ansari Hafizullah has been known for his provocative views and hate speech. On December 18, 2019, a video of Maulana Jarjis threatening to wage Jihad in India was uploaded on YouTube, in which he opposes the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) and the National Register of Citizens (NRC) bill, erroneously alleging that they are anti-Muslim.

Throughout his speech, he can be heard making disparaging statements against India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Home Minister Amit Shah on several occasions.

In his hate speech, the Maulana boldly declares that if Modi or Shah tries to drive them (the Muslim community) out of the nation, he will wage ‘jihad’ to the very last corner of India. “Inke baap ke baap ke baap ki bhi takat nahi hain ki humme bahar nikaal de (their predecessors also do not have the guts to throw us out of the country), humme nikaal ke toh dikha Modi, hum bhi jihad karne se peeche nahi hatengein (try throwing us out Modi, we will not hesitate in waging jihad).”

Furthermore, about 3 minutes 30 seconds into his hate speech, the Maulana unabashedly warned the government to rescind the CAA and NRC or face ‘jihad.’

Another video of Maulana Jarjis went viral in March 2021, in which he said that relatives of women who do not wear the Burqa are referred to as ‘bh*dwa,’ a Hindi slang term for a ‘pimp.’

According to reports, Maulana Jarjis campaigned for the TMC in Bengal. Jarjis instigated Muslims in Bengal against the BJP and Prime Minister Modi, influencing people to vote for the TMC indirectly by spreading fear and hatred.

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