Saturday, May 15, 2021
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Did Ravish Kumar “expose” Kiran Bedi on the car-towing incident?

Did Kiran Bedi ever tow Indira Gandhi's car? Did Ravish Kumar manage to make Kiran Bedi spill the beans?

When Firstpost ejaculated prematurely over Ramdev

How media has resorted to lies to slander Baba Ramdev, only because he is reported to have been nominated for Padma awards.

Kiran Bedi: Master-stroke or Misstep?

Amit Shah's gambit to pitch Kiran Bedi as BJP's face against Kejriwal may seem to be a master-stroke from the tactical genius, but are there undercurrents which may affect BJP adversely?

Any Neutral Satire site in India? YES!

Are Indian Satire sites biased towards the BJP? Even if they are, is it a crime?

LGBT Normalisation: Journo gets Minister out on a “Doosra”

A leading question from a reporter makes the Minister make a controversial statement, which is diagonally opposite to what his own Youth Policy says.

What kind of Modi fan are you?

To Left-Liberals, Modi fans are all BJPTards or ModiTards, but we realise that there are quite a few different species of Modi fans. Which one are you?

Is Congress the B-Team of BJP In Delhi?

Sheila Dikshit extending support to AAP, may seems like a deal between AAP and Congress, but is there more to it that what meets the eye?

Coast Guard: Damned if he does, Damned if he doesn’t

When we look at the larger picture, the Coast Guard has probably done a fine job in averting a possible terror attack. The criticisms are uncalled for.

What does Praveen Swami know that the Coast Guard doesn’t?

Praveen Swami's report on the Pakistani boat controversy contains borderline conspiracy theories. A closer reading of his report shows some glaring inaccuracies.

What do Indian journalists know that the Coast Guard doesn’t?

As soon as the news about a Pakistani boat being destroyed was broken, some journalists started casting aspersions on defense personnel.

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