Saturday, July 2, 2022
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The dishonesty of ‘journalist’ Saba Naqvi

A fluff piece by a compromised hack, disguised as an honest report.

The truth about BJP losing ‘all 36 seats’ in Gujarat Panchayat elections

Another day another lie spread by political propaganda artists

The common threads to PM Modi’s New Year goodies

An analysis of PM Modi's address to the nation

If demonetisation was bad for black money, GST will be much worse

How the proposed GST system will make sure that generation of black money is curbed.

THIS is why so many money launderers are getting caught. And it will only get worse

There seems to be a design to all the raids

Why amendment in taxation laws was brought in the middle of demonetisation

On Monday, a bill in Lok Sabha was introduced to change some taxation rules. Find why.

Raghav Bahl, Bloomberg Quint, and the art of faux-economics

Raghav Bahl is back with yet another simplistic and stupid article. This time even more stupid.

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