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Rahul Gandhi makes another pitch for foreign intervention in India, rants against his own country just because he is not the one ruling it

During his controversial address, Rahul Gandhi signalled his desire for foreign intervention two times. The first one is during the mention of the Russia Ukraine issue, and the second one is when he criticised Indian diplomats for being unwilling to take orders from Europeans.

Gandhi-scion Rahul Gandhi was yet again at the receiving end of severe criticism for his speech at the recently held ‘Ideas for India’ conference in the United Kingdom. In his speech at the Congress party event organised by the non-profit think-tank Bridge India, Rahul Gandhi shared several ideas, where he promoted sub-nationalism besides instigating anarchy in the country by calling for a ‘mass action’ against the Indian state.

Speaking at the event in the United Kingdom, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi resorted to scaremongering, asserting that a civil war is impending in India, which would not surprise him as the country is extremely unstable. The Congress MP claimed that India was in a horrible position and that a political revolution was required.

To corroborate his wild claims, Rahul Gandhi stated that the Bharatiya Janata Party has poured kerosene around the country and that a single spark is enough to blow the country up. Congress leader Rahul Gandhi also claimed that the “deep state” RSS controls the country, causing the damage.

Upping the ante on the Indian state, Rahul Gandhi called for a ‘mass action’ within the country while at the same time calling for foreign interference to end the nexus of the ‘deep state’ and save his ‘Idea of India’.

During his controversial address, Rahul Gandhi signalled his desire for foreign intervention two times. The first one is during the mention of the Russia Ukraine issue, and the second one is when he criticised Indian diplomats for being unwilling to take orders from Europeans.

In response to India’s role in the Russia-Ukraine crisis, Rahul Gandhi replied that Ladakh is to China what Ukraine is to Russia. The Congress leader asserted that one would have to understand the “parallels” between the Ukraine crisis and the ongoing situation in India. Essentially, Rahul Gandhi called the western countries to treat the internal affairs of India as they view the Russian-Ukrainian conflict while subtly asking the US to play a role in India’s political affairs.

Again, during his interaction at the event, Rahul Gandhi also revealed how he has spoken with the diplomats of the European countries as he disclosed that several European bureaucrats had told him that Indian foreign service has changed, and they have become arrogant. Rahul Gandhi lamented that the Indian diplomats no longer fall in line with diktats of the west.

“I was talking to some bureaucrats from Europe, and they said that the Indian Foreign Service has completely changed, they do not listen to anything. They are arrogant. Now they are telling us what orders they are getting, there is no conversation,” said Rahul Gandhi, adding that what Indian foreign service officials were doing was wrong.

Again, Rahul Gandhi insinuated that Indian diplomats should comply with western powers more than pursue their own strategic interests. It looks like Rahul Gandhi is more than happy for the western powers to dictate Indian political and strategic choices than India to protect its sovereign decision-making ability.

Rahul Gandhi – a repeat offender of begging for foreign interference in India’s affairs

Well, this is not the first time that Rahul Gandhi is advocating for foreign meddling in Indian affairs.

In March 2021, during his interview with Brown University professor, Rahul Gandhi had indirectly asked the western countries not to recognise BJP’s electoral success by comparing the party’s victory to Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussien and Libya’s Gaddafi. Rahul Gandhi had claimed Saddam Hussein and Gaddafi won elections too, just like PM Modi, and hence one should not equate elections with the successful function of democracy. Both Libya and Iraq were destroyed by Western bombings.

Taking a jibe at the Centre, he added that both Saddam Hussein and Gaddafi did not need votes but used the electoral process to capture power. These comments were made during a talk show with leftist professor Ashutosh Varshney of USA’s Brown University, who had asked Rahul for his commentary on the ‘decline in democracy’ in India. However, it is interesting to note that Gaddafi came to power in Libya in September 1969 as the leader through a military coup which overthrew the British-backed King Idris and not through a democratic electoral process.

Again in April 2021, Rahul similarly sparked anger by requesting American intervention in India’s domestic affairs. The Kerala MP had then stroked a massive outrage by asking for American interference in India’s internal matters.

In an interaction with Ambassador Nicholas Burns of the Harvard Kennedy School, Rahul Gandhi had asked for American interference in India towards the end of the program after host Nicholas Burns had delivered his concluding remarks. After Burns concluded the session, Rahul Gandhi asked why he did not hear anything from the US establishment about what was happening in India.

“If you are saying partnership in democracy is, I mean, what’s your view on what is happening here?” Burns was visibly shocked after hearing this open offer from Rahul Gandhi asking America to comment on India’s internal matters.

It is important to note that such remarks by Rahul Gandhi expose sinister overtones on so many levels. At first, Rahul Gandhi, who seems highly frustrated regarding his repeated electoral defeats, is looking to play with existing faultlines within the country. Today, it is not an unknown fact that the Gandhis no longer have any goodwill in the country. Their charisma and entitlement are now just limited to the Congress party and a few quarters of the Lutyens intellectual circuit.

As there are no takers for the Gandhis, and electoral success remains elusive for them, Rahul Gandhi perhaps wants the ‘deep state’ in the west to play a more active role in India’s affairs, indirectly, he wants to project himself as a more compliant candidate for the West, as against PM Modi. By undermining the legitimate, peaceful and democratic election process of India where his party’s candidates and policies have been decisively rejected by the people of India, Rahul Gandhi’s rants are a plea to the Western powers to intervene in India’s internal affairs. He wants Western powers to ‘remove’ the democratically elected government of India, so his family can rule.

Hence, Rahul Gandhi continues to dog-whistle against the Indian state, especially against the Hindus on foreign soil, while he pleads for their help to ascend the throne, which Rahul Gandhi thinks he is entitled to.

Ayodhra Ram Mandir special coverage by OpIndia

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