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Journalists, Hindu and Muslims, mock Hindus after Shivling is found at Gyanvapi: It is more than Hinduphobia that drives their disdain

The rot within the Hindu society itself needs to be addressed and understood if we need to successfully reclaim the Bharata that once was.

The discovery of a Shivling inside a wuzukana of the disputed structure of Gyanvapi Masjid has substantiated the longstanding belief of the Hindus that a Hindu temple existed at the site, which was subsequently demolished by Islamic tyrant Aurangzeb to build the Gyanvapi masjid on top of the revered Hindu temple.

As reports emerged that a Shivling was found inside the controversial site, Hindus felt vindicated of their long-held belief about the presence of the Shivling inside the structure, while the left-liberals, Islamists expectedly suffered a huge meltdown on the microblogging site Twitter.

Besides suffering meltdown, the Islamists, ‘liberal-secular’ intellectuals indulged in making casual ‘Hinduphobic’ remarks and mocking Hindu deities in an attempt to discredit the recent discovery of the Shivling inside the disputed structure of Gyanvapi masjid in Varanasi. Many usual suspects, often having a notorious past of chiding Hindus for being unapologetic and proud of culture and heritage, took to Twitter to mock Hindus for celebrating the presence of Shivling inside the disputed structure.

Alleged journalist Saba Naqvi, who has been on a tweeting spree ever since the Varanasi court ordered a survey of the disputed structure, put out an infographic on Twitter on Wednesday to ridicule Hindus over their belief that a Hindu temple existed in the place of the existing disputed structure.

Sharing two images of a Shivling and the domed structure at the Bhabha Atomic Research Centre, Saba Naqvi tried ridiculing Hindus, saying the community would lay claim to any structure that has characteristics of a Shivling. With this image, Saba Naqvi slid her casual bigotry against Hindus to not only mock Hindus after a Shivling was found inside the disputed structure but also generalise a trend to discredit Hindus and their beliefs at a large level.

Freelance journalist Raqib Hameed Naik, a notorious Hinduphobic element, put out an image of the White House and a fountain in front of it to discredit the recent findings of Shivling at the Gyanvapi. As per the ‘journalist’, the survey team did not find a Shivling, instead unearthed a fountain, which as per him, is being used by the Hindu side to push for ownership of the site.

Manzoor Ali Khan, another Islamic troll, also mocked Hindus that they would someday come stake claim for the Jama Masjid in Srinagar after mistaking a fountain for a Shivling.

Kavish Aziz, who claims to be a journalist, put out an image of a mixer-grinder to compare it with the Shivling that was found inside the wuzukana of the Gyanvapi masjid.

Salman Hingwa, a Congress leader and the former Vice President of NSUI, compared the Shivling found inside the disputed structure to the grinding stone to belittle Hindus and their rights to reclaim Hindu temples that were converted into mosques by Islamic tyrants.

Not just the Islamists, but the left-wing coterie, often backed by the Congress party, also had a field day on social media platforms. Vir Sanghvi, a celebrated middleman and once believed to be a stenographer of the lobbyist Nira Radia, also resorted to similar chicanery to mock Hindus and their belief.

Sharing an image of a fountain, Vir Sanghvi claimed that it was a Vedic religious monument appropriated by invaders who wanted to keep it cool. Essentially, he was hinting that the Shivling found at the wuzukana of the disputed structure is not real; instead, a fountain, which is further being propagated as remnants of the erstwhile Kashi Vishwanath temple, that was desecrated and demolished by tyrant Aurangzeb to make way for Gyanvapi masjid.

Another troll account Narundar, who is often caught peddling fake news to target Hindu communities, claimed that it was not a big deal for the Hindus to prove that the Shivling found in Varanasi is not a fountain.

It is easy to brush this under the carpet by simply saying that the Islamist hate for Hindus has lost its novelty and that their hate is expected. It is also easy to say that they are all Hinduphobic and their response is a result of their unbridled hatred for Hindus. We can even go a step ahead and talk about how Kamlesh Tiwari was beheaded for saying something remotely (and allegedly) against Prophet Mohammad but they mock Hindu Gods with impunity, with no fear of consequences. Yet, they keep drumming up the trope about the Muslim community being “Dara Hua”.

However, it is important to realise that it is not just the Islamists but sections of the Hindu community who have been deracinated enough to mock their own faith. Take Vir Sanghvi for example. Do we think his comments stem only from Hinduphobia or the fact that he needs to deride the majority community to make a buck?

The rot within the Hindu society itself needs to be addressed and understood if we need to successfully reclaim the Bharata that once was.

So what makes born Hindus like Sanghvi mock the very foundation that defines who he is and the community he supposedly belongs to?

It is indeed true that Hinduphobia is a strong reason for why they choose to mock Hindus and their beliefs, including the fact that they know the complacent and intrinsically tolerant majority will not react like the violent minority when their faith is hurt, however, there is another reason why they choose to mock Hindus with impunity.

One has to realise that for the Leftists and assorted Islamists, the very problem today, which is Hindus wanting to reclaim Kashi Vishwanath temple, stems from their religious worldview where they see divinity all around them. For a Hindu, a rock under a tree is divine if the community starts worshipping it. That is the polar opposite of what Abrahamic religions stand for.

For Liberals, this foundational belief itself is the root cause of the “problem” and why Hindus now want to reclaim their Temple. For Hindus, divinity in the Shivling is above the narrow considerations of secularism and therefore, it is the belief itself that needs to be attacked.

It is a devious yet rational approach if one wants to ensure that Hindus live with their heads buried in the sand. Dismantle the belief itself so that the claims that arise out of that belief are discredited automatically.

It is a completely different subject that the liberals have no spine to do the same to Islam. As far as the Hindu community is concerned, the situations that the Liberals view as a “problem” is limited to them wanting to reclaim their places of worship, however, as far as Islam is concerned, their “belief” gives rise to far greater problems.

It is because of the Islamic belief that Kafirs must be beheaded that we see spates of violence every single day, heck, it is because of their belief that Muslims and Hindus cannot co-exist that Bharat was ripped apart to carve out a nation where they did not have to share the same space with “Kafirs”. It is their urgent to humiliate Hindus why Murthis were broken and buried in the steps of Mosques. It is because of their religious belief that ISIS, Taliban, Al-Qaeda exists.

It would make perfect sense for the Liberals, who pride themselves for being rational, to attack the Islamic belief itself in an attempt to find a resolution to the problems that arise due to the Islamic faith. Instead, we see them mock the victims of Grooming Jihad saying that the phenomenon is a “right wing conspiracy”.

One can theorise that it is their fear of the Islamists that drives them to close their eyes to a belief system that results in unprecedented blood shed the world over. Or perhaps the fact that allying with the Islamists serves a larger goal – discredit the very idea of a civilisational state that Hindus hold dear. However, there is clearly far more than Hinduphobia at play here and the change starts with the churn that will first and foremost, deal with the rot within the Hindu society.

Ayodhra Ram Mandir special coverage by OpIndia

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