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2021 Durga Puja attacks in Bangladesh

Bangladesh: Iqbal Hossain sentenced to 16 months in jail for placing Quran in Puja Mandap, inciting anti-Hindu violence, released for having served his term...

Mohammed Iqbal Hossain was arrested from Cox Bazar on October 21, 2021 and booked under the stringent Digital Security Act.

Bangladesh: After Durga puja pandals, Islamists target Noakhali Jagannath Temple before Jumma Namaz

Islamists in Noakhali, Bangladesh again targeted the Jagannath Temple before offering Jumma Namaz on Friday (October 22),

Amid violence against Hindu minorities in Bangladesh, ICCR postpones exhibition featuring Bangladeshi artist’s artworks

The exhibition was to feature over 100 artworks, 35-40 photographs, animation videos, film and sculptures of this Bangladeshi artist. The exhibition aimed to capture 40 years of the journey of Rokeya Sultana.

Iqbal Hossain was given the Quran by mosque caretakers, arrested for triggering mob violence against Hindus in Bangladesh

The two caretakers were identified as Hafez Humayun and Faisal by the chief custodian Ahmedunnabi Mashuk. The Quran was deliberately placed at a Durga Puja venue to trigger attacks against Hindus.

#SaveBangladeshiHindus – Netizens demand security for Hindus in Bangladesh after series of communal attacks

Netizens trended #SaveBangladeshiHindus for several hours on Twitter to raise voice against the attacks on Hindus in Bangladesh

Noakhali, Bangladesh violence against Hindus: Police arrest 130 attackers so far out of thousands unnamed Islamists booked

The Police has arrested 130 attackers in connection to the attacks on Hindus by the Muslim mob in Bangladesh

As Hindus continue to get attacked in Bangladesh, here is how one can donate to help the victims

World Hindu Federation is collecting donations to provide food and shelter for victims of targeted attacks on Hindus in Bangladesh

Bangladesh: Man who triggered communal violence against Hindus by placing Quran at Durga Puja venue identified as Iqbal Hossain

Iqbal Hossain had placed the Quran at a Durga Puja mandap on October 13th, which had triggered a series of communal violence against Hindus

Tulsi Gabbard condemns violence against Hindus in Bangladesh, asks ‘supposedly secular’ Hasina Govt to take action against Jihadists

Gabbard said that it broke her heart to see such hate and violence being directed towards devotees of god in their temples in Bangladesh.

Bangladesh ISKCON Twitter account removed days after attacks on Hindus

ISKCON has raised objection over deactivation/removal of ISKCON Bangladesh account amid attacks on Hindus in Bangladesh

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