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2021 Durga Puja attacks in Bangladesh

Actor Parambrata Chatterjee downplays Islamist attacks on Hindus in Bangladesh, says such attacks help ‘Hindutvawadis’: Read details

Parambrata Chatterjee alleged that the condition of Hindus in Bangladesh is no different from that of Muslims in India.

‘Prophet Mohammed destroyed 360 idols at Kaaba, his followers are now following him’: Taslima Nasreen on attacks against Bangladeshi Hindus

Taslima Nasreen also said that Bangladeshi Muslims are only of two kinds, 'Jihadi' and 'pro Jihadi'.

Bangladesh: More Hindu temples attacked, petrol bombs hurled in fresh Islamist attack in Feni district

The attackers torched a passenger vehicle at Kalipal, hurled crude bombs, vandalised a fire truck and attacked Hindu temples such as JoyKali, Jagannathbari, Kalibari Temple and Gaziganj Ashram.

Scroll, The Swaddle columnist justifies attack on ISKCON temple and Hindu devotees in Bangladesh by Islamists

Scroll and The Swaddle columnist Genesia Alves not only justified violence unleashed upon Hindus in Bangladesh by an Islamist mob for celebrating the Hindu festival Vijayadashami/Dussehra but also gave 'context' to the same justification.

Bangladesh: Blogger reveals chilling details of rape of an entire Hindu family by Islamists, police denies, calls it ‘rumour’

The incident reportedly took place in Hajiganj Upazila in Chandpur district in the Chittagong Division of Bangladesh.

Bangladesh: After vandalising Durga Puja pandals, radical Islamists launch anti-India protest in Dhaka, clash with police

Frenzied mob of Islamists in Bangladesh took to the streets after offering Jumma Namaz to raise anti-India slogans, and threw sandals and bricks

After vandalising Durga Puja pandals, 400-500 strong Muslim mob in Bangladesh targets ISKCON temple, kill 2: All you need to know

A frenzied mob of radical Islamists attacked ISKCON temple in the Noakhali district in the Chittagong Division of Bangladesh.

Bangladesh: 18 crude bombs recovered from a temple a day after Islamic extremists vandalized multiple Durga Puja pandals

The RAB found the crude bombs while they were conducting search operations following multiple attacks that took place on Durga Puja pandals across Bangladesh on Wednesday

The persecution continues in Noakhali: 150 Hindu families attacked over ‘Quran insult’ rumours as Bangladesh sees a bloodied Durga Puja

Videos have emerged where violent Muslim mobs are seen pelting stones at makeshift Durga Puja pandals in Bangladesh. There are also reports of rampant loot and molestations.

Holy Book Vs Facebook: Islamists in Bangladesh damage Durga Puja pandals, attack Hindus over a rumour of ‘insult to Quran’

A Quran was placed where it was not supposed to be, some photos were clicked and a rumour was spread on Facebook. What followed next was brutal attacks against Hindus and their Durga Puja pandals in Bangladesh.

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