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‘Marital rape’ to be included in the definition of rape if a woman wants to abort her child: What the Supreme Court said

While forced sex by a husband is not defined as rape under IPC section 375, it is considered rape for the purpose of the abortion law: Supreme Court

‘All women entitled to safe, legal abortion’, Supreme Court says denying unmarried women right to terminate pregnancy is unconstitutional

Supreme Court said that making a distinction between married and unmarried women on right to abortion is unconstitutional

Mandana Karimi’s confession on Lock Upp leaves netizens speculating whether Anurag Kashyap got her into planned pregnancy and then backed out

Mandana Karimi's confession of having secret relationship with a famous director, pregnancy and eventually leading to abortion left netizens to speculate if it was Anurag Kashyap.

US: DC Police recover five dead fetuses from the house of anti-abortion activist Lauren Handy

Lauren Handy works for Progressive Anti-Abortion Uprising which claims to mobilise grassroots anti-abortion activists.

Guatemala Congress approves law prohibiting gay marriage and teaching sexual diversity, ramps up prison sentence for abortion to up to 25 years

The law passed by Guatemala Congress stipulates that no orientation besides heterosexuality is "normal".

Pune: FIR filed against Shiv Sena leader Raghunath Kuchik for rape and forced abortion

An FIR has been registered against Shiv Sena leader Raghunath Kuchik for sexually exploiting and forcing a young woman to undergo abortion.

Hometown Cha Cha Cha actor Kim Seon-ho faces major scandal: Read why his ads are being taken down in South Korea

In an anonymous post, a woman claiming to be Kim Seon-ho's ex-girlfriend has claimed that the Hometown Cha Cha Cha actor had made her undergo an abortion.

US Catholic bishops unhappy over Biden’s support for gay marriage and abortion, meeting to decide if he deserves communion

Communion is a sacrament central to the Roman Catholic faith that a priest often administers to Catholics. It is the act of receiving a piece of bread that symbolizes the body of Jesus and a sip of wine representing his blood.

Anthony Fauci led NIAID funded horrific experiments where scalps of aborted babies were stitched to the back of lab rats

Tucker Carlson asked Daleiden if Anthony Fauci has accounted for this to which the latter answered in the negative.

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