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‘My body my choice’: France makes abortion a constitutional right, parliament votes overwhelmingly in favour

Notably, after the US Supreme Court in 2022 reversed the Roe v. Wade ruling that recognised women's constitutional right to abortion, a campaign was started in France to explicitly protect the right in its basic law.

Delhi: 19-year-old pregnant woman stabbed with screwdriver, neck slit with blade for refusing to take abortion pills, boyfriend arrested

Delhi Police arrested a 21-year-old man for allegedly attempting to kill his 19-year-old pregnant partner for refusing to abort the pregnancy

SC rejects woman’s plea seeking termination of 26-week pregnancy

The court directed the government to bear all medical costs and the delivery to be conducted by AIMS at the appropriate time.

“Fetus has no separate identity from mother”: Justice BV Nagarathna says a woman cannot be forced to undergo pregnancy, CJI says “even an unborn...

Justice Nagarathna went on to assert that a "fetus has no individual personality from the mother" since it is dependent on the mother for "its very existence."

Salman poses as ‘Kushawa’, rapes and impregnates Hindu woman, then forces her to abort and hides foetus in deserted area: Love Jihad in MP

The victim girl came to know about the original identity of the accused from her relatives. She was five months pregnant at that time. On confronting, the accused assaulted the girl and threatened her.

Watch: Topless female ‘activists’ wearing shorts soaked in red ink at the crotch disrupt the annual anti-abortion demonstrations in Paris

A group of 5 bare-chested women and wearing shorts soaked in red at the crotch disrupted the anti-abortion rally in Paris.

‘Marital rape’ to be included in the definition of rape if a woman wants to abort her child: What the Supreme Court said

While forced sex by a husband is not defined as rape under IPC section 375, it is considered rape for the purpose of the abortion law: Supreme Court

‘All women entitled to safe, legal abortion’, Supreme Court says denying unmarried women right to terminate pregnancy is unconstitutional

Supreme Court said that making a distinction between married and unmarried women on right to abortion is unconstitutional

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