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Abrahamic Faiths

Religiophobia against Non-Abrahamic faith must be acknowledged: India opposes special UN envoy for Islamophobia, abstains from Pakistan’s resolution

India categorically asserted that it is time for the UN body to acknowledge the prevalence of religiophobia beyond Abrahamic faiths

Bollywood singer Lucky Ali apologises for his ‘Brahman are a lineage of Ibrahim’ Facebook post

In a Facebook post, addressing the controversy around his Facebook post, singer Lucky Ali claimed that he did not intend to cause anger or distress among people rather he only wanted to ‘bring people together’.

10 signs of Abrahamic religions and why ‘Wokeism’ is one of them

The similarity between expansionist Abrahamic religions and Wokeism goes back to the very roots of Wokeism.

Hinduism will be finished in another century, columnist Abhijit Iyer Mitra predicts. Read why he thinks so

Abhijit draws from history to show parallels between what is happening in modern post-independence India and what happened to the religions of pre-Christian Europe and pre-Islamic Iran and Egypt, which are relegated to museums now.

What is the Abrahamic and Indo-Abrahamic Association? Meet its president and HDFC Bank’s ‘neighbourhood hero’ Ashok Singh Garcha

Ashok Singh Garcha, a former Congress leader, is the president of Abrahamic and Indo-Abrahamic Association (AIAA).

‘Qayamat Ka Din’ will never come, no one will be allowed to indulge in violence and arson: Yogi Adityanath

Yogi Adityanath warned rioters in Uttar Pradesh against engaging in violence and taking law into their own hands in the name of protests against the Citizenship Amendment Act.

A Grand Narrative for India: The Last Bastion of Polytheism

It's not unsurprising that India hasn't been able to come up with its own Grand Narrative as the intellectual corridors of the country continues to be dominated by people of a liberal or Marxist bent

Celebrations on Christmas and negativity during Diwali represents the Abrahamisation of the liberal mind

Not just Tharoor, even Times Now, after it spread rampant negativity during Diwali was in quite the festive mood during Christmas

Abrahamism and SJWism: Both religions dangerous in their absolute forms

we have to remember that just like Abrahamic monotheism SJW ism tends to be very Utopian and Utopias are the most dangerous form of societal goals.

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