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Senior Congress leader Mani Shankar Aiyar, who recently came out of the woodwork and interacted with media to express his unsavoury remarks for the incumbent Prime Minister Narendra Modi, appeared thoroughly rattled as journalists questioned him over his ‘neech’ remark on PM Modi. Mani Shankar had recently penned an article in which he had defended his ‘neech’ remark for PM Modi he made in 2017 for which he was temporarily ousted from Congress. “Sorry sir, aap naraaz mat hoiye.” Watch till the end. 🤦🏽‍♂️😄 — Shiv Aroor (@ShivAroor) May 14, 2019 In his recent interaction with the media, Mani Shankar Aiyar...
The NCPCR has observed that the children were making derogatory remarks and using abusive languages in the presence Priyanka Gandhi
AAP MLAs reportedly beat up Kejriwal so much that he has injured his knees and could not walk properly
'Liberals' decide to switch loyalties to another airline after Air Vistara feels honoured to have Major Gen G D Bakshi onboard
Congress MLC Haribhau Rathod uttered vulgar phrase to ridicule Modi and discredit Balakot air strikes
Sanjukta Basu is a very vocal Modi-hater and a bigot masquerading as a liberal feminist.
Ravi Kant Swami accused people of the group of using berating and hateful language against him and Congress party
'Journalist' Abhisar Sharma abuses Twitter users over DMs and then blocks them.
FIR has been registered under sections 504 and 509 of IPC.
Somnath Bharti was caught hurling abuses towards a woman journalist.
Shashi Tharoor made this derogatory statements while speaking at the Bangalore Lit Fest on his book 'The Paradoxical Prime Minister"
Earlier, too, Nirupam and other Congress leaders have used foul language against PM Modi
Anurag Kashyap, for all his explanations, seems to have done exactly that.
Sanjay Nirupam is a habitual offender when it comes to crass behaviour.
He was also extremely critical of the Ram Rath Yatra in the state
The response sent twitter users in a frenzy
A troll named Abhishek Mishra shared a fake CNN survey declaring BJP one of the most corrupt parties in the world.
Trolls with Islamist streak attacked and abused Dr. Hina Shafi Bhat, a BJP woman leader from Kashmir, on Facebook.
As the 'youth icon' loses his cool, he reveals his true mental status
How a so-called journalist, mostly known for being abusive on Twitter, propagated pure lie.
The fire is elsewhere while the fire-tenders are being sent to some other location
Arvind Kejriwal will be remembered for bringing unseen coarseness in public debate

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