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V-Dem Institute releases another bizarre ranking, places Pakistan and Taliban-ruled Afghanistan above India in Academic Freedom Index

The V-Dem Institute has rated India behind Pakistan and Taliban-ruled Afghanistan, in a report on academic freedom in countries.

Former Harvard professor convicted for fraud, hiding connections with China: Details

Lieber was contracted to take part in China's Thousand Talents Plan, a mass recruitment programme between 2012 and 2017. He was taking a lucrative salary from the Wuhan Institute of Technology too.

Dismantling Global Hindutva: When haters chose anniversary of Islamic terror on American soil to spew venom on Hinduism

Shockingly, the anti-Hindu lobby chose the anniversary of one of the worst ever Islamic terror attack, which took place in New York on September 11, 2001 to hate on Hindus.

China using media, academia, industries and politicians in India for its propaganda, reveals a report by Delhi based think tank

Law and Society Alliance released a study report titled “Mapping Chinese Footprints and Influence Operations in India” on 3rd September

Delhi University removes works of Mahasweta Devi English syllabus, teachers’ group backs decision: Here is what the DU said

Delhi University has come under fire for deleting works of Mahasweta Devi and other Dalit authors from the English syllabus of Semester V of the BA (Hons) English course

Current and prospective students at Rutgers slam varsity for defending anti-Hindu historian Audrey Truschke. Here are 5 testimonials

Rutgers University had defended Audrey Truschke's vile anti-Hindu bigotry as 'academic freedom'.

Indian migrants constitute the largest high-skilled diaspora in OECD countries: Reports

The OECD report further emphasised that the Indian diaspora constituted the largest high-skilled diaspora in OECD countries.

British school book compares Dharma to terrorism, withdrawn after outrage amongst the Indian diaspora

Giving example of the Kshatriya Arjuna, the textbook stated that some Hindus have turned to terrorism to protect Hindu beliefs.

Liberalism and Fascism: 5 ways in which ‘liberals’ are exactly the same as Nazis

Liberalism and Nazism have several similarities, here are some

‘Smash Brahminical Patriarchy’: Academia will always be the harbinger of great evil

That terms like 'Brahminical Patriarchy' are mainstream in the academia does not mean that it's not evil. It only reveals that a deep rot has set in.

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