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Liberalism and Fascism: 5 ways in which ‘liberals’ are exactly the same as Nazis

While it is fancy, these days, for people to accuse the political opponents of Liberalism as 'fascists', in reality, Liberalism and Nazism are cousins and the fight between them is one of sibling rivalry.

The 20th Century witnessed two of the bloodiest wars in the entirety of human history. More than seven decades have passed since the end of the second world war and as it happens very often, much of what was known, or should have been known, has been forgotten. However, there are certain patterns that can be deduced through observation alone. And it is those aspects that we shall focus on here.

In the second world war, unlike what has traditionally been believed, there were three totalitarian ideologies competing for supremacy, arguably at a global scale. The three primary actors, certainly the three most powerful ones, were the flagbearers of these totalitarian ideologies. One of the ideologies was vanquished in the second world war, another at the end of the cold war. The one that emerged victorious on both these occasions still survives and expectedly, it is not considered totalitarian in the 21st century.

The first, of course, was Nazism and the second was Communism. The third, which emerged victorious against both these ideologies, was, needless to say, Liberalism. Nazism ceased to be a serious political force with the end of Hitler’s Germany. Communism suffered the same fate with the dismemberment of the Soviet Union. Liberalism, however, is the state ideology of the world’s only superpower: The USA.

People may argue Liberalism is not totalitarian in nature and everyone has human rights and freedom of speech but one must also reconcile themselves with the fact that people who live in a totalitarian regime do not consider the regime to be totalitarian. For instance, it’s extremely unlikely that in the world George Orwell created in 1948, the residents perceived the state to be totalitarian. For them, a totalitarian society was ‘normal’. Similarly, people who live in a liberal society are unlikely to consider it tyranny. It’s only from the outside that it looks totalitarian.

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In the 20th century, the similarities between these three ideologies wasn’t so apparent as these three ideologies were at war with each other. However, in the 21st Century, as Liberalism’s stranglehold over power became nearly complete backed by military prowess of the US military, the similarities have become more than apparent. Today, we look at some of glowing similarities between Liberalism and Fascism.

1. Obsession with Race

Adolf Hitler, as we are well aware, was obsessed with the supposed superiority of the ‘Aryan Race’. In his bid to ‘secure the future’ of the ‘Aryan Race’, he committed the genocide of Jews in Germany. Similarly, liberals in the West are obsessed with race too. In fact, they are so obsessed that a strong candidate for the Democrat nominee for US Presidential elections in 2020 lied about her race and claimed that she is Native American despite the fact she is not in order to gain political benefits.

Furthermore, prominent liberals in the US can be regularly found to be engaged in anti-White rhetoric where they can be seen cheering for ‘White Genocide’, all the while denying that such a thing exists. In India, liberals are obsessed with the Aryan-Dravidian race theory despite the fact that it has been regularly debunked by scholars and academics. But that hasn’t stopped Indian liberals from continuing to further the race theory. The obsession that liberals have with race is very similar to that shared by Nazi Germany.

In India, the rhetoric that liberals employ against Brahmins is akin to the one employed by Nazi Germany against Jews. In mainstream Dravidian politics, which is cheered on and encouraged and sustained by liberalism, the propaganda against Brahmins are is completely alike that fueled by Nazis against Jews.

2. Ideological Unity between the Media and Political Parties

In Nazi Germany, the media served as the propaganda wing of the fascist government. We see a similar pattern in the liberal world. The media was an extended arm of the Nazis. In the USA, we see the mainstream media act as the propaganda wing of the Democrat party. The collusion that was observed between news networks and Hillary Clinton was for all to see. The liberal American media has even justified violence by Antifa goons against their political opponents.

In India, we see the mainstream media serve as the propaganda wing of the ‘Secular’ parties. There is extreme collusion between the political establishment and the media. The Liberal media demonizes the opponents of secular political parties and their supporters, exaggerates minor events in order to benefit secular politicians and whitewashes and buries news that could adversely impact secular parties. It’s an incestuous relationship between Liberal Media and Liberal political parties and they work together in the same fashion as the media and politicians in Nazi Germany.

However, there is one distinct difference between the media-politics nexus in the world of liberalism and Nazism. In Nazi Germany, no efforts were made to hide the relationship. But liberalism, in order to be more effective, claims to be ‘independent’ and ‘neutral’ even when they are clearly not and buries the incestuous relationship under layers and layers of carefully constructed diversions.

The relationship between the Media and politicians in Nazi Germany and in the Liberal World stems from the ideological unity between them, the material benefits that are gained are only a second-order requirement. Loyalty to ideology is the main motivation.

3. Ideological Unity between Academia and Political Parties

In Nazi Germany, the Academia served the Nazis greatly and even helped shape their ideology and provided them with ideas and techniques to help them achieve their nefarious objectives. We see a similar pattern in the liberal world. The political parties rely on academia for acquiring footsoldiers and legitimizing their evil agenda while the latter relies on the former for patronage.

The Academia also provides Liberal politicians with footsoldiers and innovative techniques in order for them to achieve their political goals. Here, again, we see a complete unity of ideology between the Academia and Liberal political parties. It is the same in the US as it is in India. The liberal parties work in tandem in order to indoctrinate the youth and achieve ideological objectives.

4. The Will to Power and Crushing Dissent

In Nazi Germany, there was complete coherence of ideology between the political establishment, the Media and Academia. A similar pattern is also observed in the world of Liberalism. The three departments, together, with complete ideological unity between them, form the Liberal Establishment in the 21st century. The arms of the Liberal Establishment then work in tandem, like Nazi Germany, to crush dissent and entrench itself in the corridors of power.

The Liberal Establishment crushes dissent, demonizes its opponent unfairly and unceremoniously removes them from power all the while accusing their political opponent of being fascists, despite the fact that it is the structure of their politics that is completely akin to Nazi Germany. No stones are left unturned in order to secure their power. In India, the Liberal Establishment has also engaged in the genocide of Hindus and Sikhs, in Kashmir and in 1984 respectively.

The three arms of the Liberal Establishment attack and defend together. Whenever the power of one arm is under threat, the other arms immediately comes to their defense. For instance, when there is a threat to its political power, the academia and the media immediately rushes to their defense in order to defeat its political opponents. When political rivals attempt to remove stranglehold of liberals in academia, political parties and the media rushes to its defense. When the monopoly of liberals over media is threatened, the academia and political parties rush to provide cover. And together, they fight to ensure that the Liberal Establishment continues to thrive.

Simultaneously, the opponents of the Liberal Establishment are crushed by the three arms together and it’s ensured that opposing ideologies never get a foothold in these institutions. If someone or some entity succeeds in gaining legitimacy in these three arms, then they demonized and every effort is made to tarnish their reputation and destroy their lives. In many instances, people actually lose their lives and their death is brushed under the carpet as an insignificant statistic. And on and on it goes.

5. A Totalitarian Society

The most distinguishing feature of a totalitarian society or a totalitarian ideology is that the power structure isn’t merely interested in what an individual says or how he acts but also how people think. It is not enough to merely say or act in a certain way, a person must also believe the ideology completely. Otherwise, the person can be accused of a ‘thoughtcrime’ and persecuted accordingly.

In George Orwell’s 1984, ‘thoughtcrime’ describes a person’s politically unorthodox thoughts, such as unspoken beliefs and doubts that contradict the dominant political ideology. We see a similar pattern playing out in the liberal world. Merely accusations and allegations combined with certain ‘suspicious’ behaviour is enough reason to completely destroy an individual’s life.

For instance, a person does not have to be a ‘homophobe’ or ‘misogynist’ in order to have his life completely destroyed and ruined, mere accusations are enough. Furthermore, anyone who does not endorse the most extreme positions of the Liberal world is branded ‘homophobe’, ‘misogynist’, ‘regressive’ or whatever the latest buzzword maybe and then it is demanded that his professional career be destroyed.

Mere differences in political opinions are treated as thoughtcrimes and efforts are undertaken to crush the individual. Everyone who disagrees with a liberal is Sanghi and fascist against whom even violence is justified. ‘Jai Shri Ram’ slogans and chants of ‘Vande Mataram’ are deemed as provocations.


While it is fancy, these days, for people to accuse the political opponents of Liberalism as ‘fascists’, in reality, Liberalism and Nazism are cousins and the fight between them is one of sibling rivalry. The reason why liberals paint all their political opponents from diverse political backgrounds as ‘fascist’ is that ‘fascism’ is the ideology they are most well acquainted with and intimate with.

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The tactic of labeling the political opponents of Liberalism as fascists is also a way to hide the fact that Liberalism is the one ideology that shares the most similarity with Fascism. It’s also a way to distract people from the fact that it is the conduct of liberals that resembles that of Nazis the most. Most dangerously, however, the footsoldiers of liberalism religiously believe the accusations they level against their opponents and the indoctrination they have suffered makes them unable to see the intricate similarities between Liberalism and Fascism. However, if they look into the mirror with honesty and integrity, they will discover that the two ideologies are mirror images of themselves in a great many essential respects.


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