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Acid Attack

Sydney: Pakistan origin man charged with murder of his wife after she was found dead in bathtub filled with acid

Pakistan origin Meraj Zafar arrested after his wife Armina Hayat was found dead in an acid bathtub in Sydney

Kerala: Woman attacks boyfriend with acid for deciding to marry another woman, arrested

Sheeba and Arun met on social media and got into a relationship. But when he got to know that she was married and mother of two, he decided to end things and marry another girl.

Japan: Man dressed as Batmans’ Joker on Halloween stabs people and starts fire inside train in Tokyo

The accused reportedly told authorities that he admired the Batman character Joker. He said wanted to kill people so he could be sentenced to death.

Uttar Pradesh: Acid thrown on a woman in Hapur, accused Rohil Khan arrested

Accused Rohil Khan was arrested within 6 hours of the crime, the police said.

Nepal: Indian national Munna Mohammed throws acid at woman on the orders of Nepalese employer Mohammad Alam, both accused arrested

Munna Mohammad attacked the woman at the behest of his employer Mohammad Alam, who is a citizen of Nepal.

TikTok star Faizal Siddiqui, who glamorised acid attack, banned from platform over multiple guidelines violation

Despite TikTok banning account of Faizal Siddiqui, his videos are still visible for all to view and download.

Promoting rape, animal abuse, hatred and violence against Hindus: The disturbing trends of TikTok in India

TikTok has been the subject of public scrutiny ever creator Faisal Siddiqui promoted acid attacks on women by jilted lovers in a viral video.

Laxmi Agarwal slams TikTok user Faizal Siddiqui for promoting acid attacks against women, thanks NCW For taking action against the video

Taking to Instagram, Laxmi Agarwal slammed Faizal Siddiqui for promoting such criminal acts through social media platforms.

FIR against TikTok star Faizal Siddiqui for promoting acid attacks on women, NCW also demands action

Faizal Siddiqui has 13.4 million followers on TikTok and is the brother of another controversial Amir Siddiqui.

TikTok star Faizal Siddiqui promotes using acid attack as revenge for jilted lover, police complaint filed

TikTok videos that glamorise acid attack, as a means to avenge lost love, can influence jilted lovers to follow suit in real life.

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