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‘Double engine govt of UP ensures work is done at double-speed’: PM Modi inaugurates fertiliser factory and AIIMS in Gorakhpur

"5 years ago, I came to lay the foundation stone of fertiliser factory and AIIMs. Today, I came to inaugurate both," PM Modi said.

‘Modi hai to mumkin hai, PM has done what previous govts could not do in 30 years’: CM Yogi Adityanath in Gorakhpur

PM Modi has made possible what the opposition believed was impossible", said Uttar Pradesh CM Yogi Adityanath as he welcomed Modi at home turf Gorakhpur.

‘Tu cheez badi hai mast’: AIIMS Student Association apologises for derogatory Ramleela skit after social media outrage

With lewd gestures and Bollywood songs, the sanctity of Ramleela was stripped in the opening act itself by the AIIMS students.

Covid-19: A third wave may come, but it is not going to especially target children. Facts Vs speculations

Speculations that the next Covid wave in India is going to hit children are misleading. Here are the facts.

Amidst concerns that Covid third wave could have devastating impact on children, read what medical experts have to say

Experts believe that though children remain susceptible to infection, it is “highly unlikely that the third wave will exclusively affect children".

Milind Deora credits Congress party for hard work of industrialists and private individuals usually hated by Rahul Gandhi

Milind Deora credits Congress for establishment of five private pharma companies and six AIIMSs sanctioned by BJP govt

As Black Fungus cases rise, experts say it is not an infection that is contagious: Read details

Black Fungus spores are present naturally in the environment, and it affects Covid-19 patients with high glucose and low immunity levels

‘Irrational and ineffective’ Plasma therapy dropped from govt of India’s Covid treatment protocol

The rampant use of plasma therapy had also resulted in black marketing of the same with donors charging thousands for plasma thus commercializing the entire process.

‘Remdesivir is not magic bullet, 85 percent of Covid patients do not need hospitalisation: Top doctors issue advisory

Doctors from AIIMS, Narayana Health and Medanta issued advisory amidst rising number of coronavirus cases.

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