Tuesday, September 21, 2021


Ajit Anjum

‘Jai Siya Ram is acceptable, Jai Shri Ram is objectionable’: Ajit Anjum toes Mamata Banerjee’s line while reporting on Bengal elections

Ajit Anjum has been in Kolkata ahead of the assembly elections in West Bengal, reporting on the mood of the public.

Was he, or was he not: Video emerges that shows farmers ‘beating up’ Ajit Anjum, journalist refutes: Full story

A viral video is doing the rounds on the internet with a claim that journalist Ajit Anjum was manhandled by the farmers at the protest

Doctors explain why Anjana Om Kashyap and Ajit Anjum heckling doctors to report on Encephalitis was insensitive and way off the mark

The reportage of Aaj Tak journalist Anjana Om Kashyap and TV Bharatvarsh journalist Ajit Anjum raised concerns of how bullish and high-handed the media was being with unsuspecting doctors who were only doing their job.

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