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Ajit Anjum

You are from Congress side: Amethi voter shows the mirror to YouTuber and alleged journalist Ajit Anjum

Ajit Anjum has a long history of batting for the opposition parties in the name of unbiased and independent journalism.

YouTuber Ajit Anjum threatens criminal defamation against fellow YouTuber after she interviewed a journalist claiming Anjum sexually harassed female anchors

Ajit Anjum has sent a defamation notice to the anchor of the YouTube channel who interviewed journalist Kumar Srikant

Pro-Congress YouTuber Ajit Anjum runs away after suffering a meltdown over uncomfortable questions by journalists; video goes viral: Watch

Pro-Congress YouTuber Ajit Anjum appeared rattled after journalists questioned him how much money he received for defaming a girl, a video of which has gone viral.

‘Talking about Bengal corruption crossed Maryada’: Yogendra Yadav gives up on INDI Alliance defeating Modi, blames Adhir Ranjan Chowdhury for Congress-TMC fallout

While discussing Mamata Banerjee’s recent announcement snapping ties with the I.N.D.I. bloc and attacking Congress, Ajit Anjum asked what went wrong between TMC and Congress. He also claimed that Mamata Banerjee's scathing attack on the Congress party seemed more like a Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leader.

Days after defending PM Narendra Modi on EVM issue, Ajit Anjum says that Modi doubted EVMs before 2014

Ajit Anjum has now said that PM Modi had doubted the EVMs in the past. On 3rd January, Ajit Anjum shared a fact check that showed how such allegations against Modi are false.

Ajit Anjum gets almost manhandled for forcing women voters to give reactions during voting for MP assembly elections, video goes viral

A video of anti-Modi propagandist Ajit Anjum went viral wherein he was almost manhandled for forcing women voters in MP to give reactions

Netizens wish “journalist” Ajit Anjum a happy birthday by trending Pakoda King Ajit Anjum: know the origin of this meme

The Pakoda King trend did not stop after Ajit Anjum's clarification when he posted a YouTube video. It continued to go viral even on his birthday.

Ravish Kumar has become the megalomaniac he accuses Modi of being, summary of the two ‘interviews’ he gave since becoming a YouTuber

Ajit Anjum and Karan Thapar gave platform to Ravish Kumar to share his narcisstic rants after leaving NDTV

Abhisar Sharma opening an omelette stall, Ajit Anjum to sell chicken pakoda: Here is what we know about these viral claims

Alleged journalists Abhisar Sharma and Ajit Anjum are viral on social media for the past 2 days over their alleged predictions related to election results in Uttar Pradesh

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