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120 organizations, opposition, activists and pet journalists plan to create tensions ahead of election results, conspire to get the polls cancelled by court after PM Modi’s victory

120 organizations, which call themselves civil organizations, have raised questions on the Election Commission and the electoral process and have predicted that there will be irregularities on the day of counting.

Neelu Vyas Thomas, who calls herself a journalist and is associated with Ajit Anjum’s YouTube channel has made some alarming disclosures. Now, instead of believing in democracy, the group that opposed mobs and protested against mob lynching is inciting society to anarchy. However, this is not a novel development as a pattern can be discerned if one looks at Shaheen Bagh, the farmers’ agitation, or even Rahul Gandhi’s remarks overseas.

The votes for Lok Sabha elections are scheduled to be counted on 4th June. Prime Minister Narendra Modi is set to be re-elected for a third term in office. The opposition did form the I.N.D.I. Alliance, but the JDU of Nitish Kumar, the RLD of Jayant Chaudhary, and the SBSP of Om Prakash Rajbhar withdrew from the coalition. TMC is not part of the alliance, while AAP is contesting against the alliance in Punjab.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi hosted over 200 rallies and roadshows and had interviews with over 80 media outlets while very few opposition leaders—aside from Tejashwi Yadav—were observed undertaking any considerable groundwork.

Neelu Vyas Thomas in the video claimed that training is being provided for all opposition counting agents and that arrangements are underway for handling exit polls. Furthermore, she asserted that plans are in place for a large-scale protest in the event that vote fraud is discovered after which the election might be invalidated and legal action pursued. In other words, it indicates that the opposition would not accept the glorious festival of democracy.

What kind of training are the polling agents receiving? It’s possible that the counting centres will have a similar situation to that of Chhapra, Bihar, where two people were killed when Rohini Acharya, the RJD candidate and daughter of former Chief Minister Lalu Prasad Yadav, arrived and provoked violence during the polling. The security personnel must exercise extreme caution if this is the case. It’s possible that polling agents are being instructed to generate conflict and create tensions.

The opposition knows exactly how to take advantage of social media for this. Fake footage will be shared on social media, and if there is a technical issue, it will be magnified to the point where it appears that electronic voting machines (EVMs) nationwide have been breached, leading to harassment of the counting staff. On the day of counting, we should be ready to put an end to this kind of social media trickery. The identity of the polling agents needs to be looked into in advance.

As per Neelu Vyas Thomas, the other crucial point is that arrangements are being made for the management of exit polls. We would like to inform you that all TV stations and survey organizations will release their exit polls on the evening of 1st June, after the conclusion of the seventh and final phase of voting. These polls will claim to indicate the number of seats that each party could obtain. The opposition is obviously aware that the BJP would be shown as winning an overwhelming majority as it is also the ground reality.

It’s true that the opposition knows it is losing. During the exit polls, their TV channel representatives would unnecessarily rant, distort the facts and make inflammatory comments. Their frenzied responses will not match the questions. The media outfits will be labelled “Godi Media” based on the numbers they project. It is obvious what his spokespeople will do on the day of the exit polls, given the manner in which former Congress Party President Rahul Gandhi insults even women by dubbing reputable journalists as “chamcha” and “chamchi.”

The third significant point made by Neelu Vyas Thomas is that the election can also be taken to the doors of the judiciary. Notably, there is nothing unprecedented in it. The opposition brought every issue before the Supreme Court, ranging from the repeal of Article 370 to the purchase of Rafale fighter jets. However, the apex court maintained the decision to revoke Article 370 in addition to giving the Modi administration the green light on the Rafale agreement with France.

Leaders including Arvind Kejriwal of the AAP and Hemant Soren of the JMM were imprisoned and only put into judicial custody upon the court’s directive. Afterwards, fingers are being pointed at the court regularly. Be mindful that this is not happening only now. The highest court has been the target ever since Chief Justice Ranjan Gogoi delivered the Ram Mandir judgment in November 2019. The “Babri is alive” trend is a part of this campaign.

The fourth and most hazardous statement made by Neelu Vyas Thomas concerns the “Jan-Andolan” (people’s protest). What does the opposition consider a mass movement? Delhi was held captive by the women of Shaheen Bagh for three months. The ‘farmers movement’ led to a one-year occupation of Delhi’s boundaries and cost the states of North India Rs 500 crore a day, while businessmen incurred a Rs 200 crore loss as a result of Shaheen Bagh.

Muslims were instigated through the Shaheen Bagh riots by spreading false information about CAA throughout the nation. Jats and Sikhs were stirred up by the ‘farmers protest’ which was taken over by pro-Khalistan elements. The national tricolour was insulted on Republic Day when the Khalistani flag was raised on the Red Fort. More than fifty individuals were killed in the Delhi riots which were rooted in Shaheen Bagh unrest. Schools and temples were targeted.

The prosperity of a nation’s society is a prerequisite for it to become a superpower. How can any country grow into a superpower if its citizens lack financial resources? This is why the nation’s capital is frequently taken hostage in the name of movements as it kills two birds with one stone. First, they gain media attention and second businessmen endure huge losses. The government will face more challenges and the opposition will be happier as business declines.

What does the Gandhi scion interpret “Jan-Andolan” to mean? It is worth recalling that in May 2022, he voiced that the BJP had thrown fuel throughout India and one spark would be enough to burn the entire country while addressing a conclave in London. He had stated that India is not on the right path at the moment, citing divisiveness in the country and the BJP’s hold on the media. Ponder, what other reason could there have been to visit overseas and make such demeaning comments about our nation?

What plot lies ahead now? There will be anomalies on the day of counting, according to 120 groups that identify as civil organizations. They have also raised concerns about the Election Commission and the voting process. Additional meetings are scheduled by those people, who already met for six hours with the goal of undermining the Election Commission. There is currently an attempt to set off riots under the pretext of “civil society.” While all voting numbers are made public, it is falsely claimed that the Election Commission is withholding the information.

Opposition leaders are included in these organizations along with former officials. This is the same elite that formerly claimed to be “intellectuals” and people believed anything they uttered. Now, no one is listening to them. YouTubers like Dhruv Rathi who repeatedly term Prime Minister Narendra Modi a ‘dictator’ are a part of this scheme. The opposition is actively spreading negativity in order to stifle public welfare programs, infrastructure projects and India’s positive international image.

Read the report in Hindi here.

Ayodhra Ram Mandir special coverage by OpIndia

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अनुपम कुमार सिंह
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