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Al Jazeera

Israel passes law to ban Qatari-funded Al Jazeera, Netanyahu calls it ‘terrorist channel’ as White House expresses concern

Qatari-funded Al Jazeera is accused of publishing pro-Hamas reports. PM Netanyahu said the channel harmed Israeli security and actively participated in 7th Oct massacre.

‘Chota mota blast’ fame Sreenivasan Jain, who recently whitewashed torture, conversion of Hindu women, joins Qatari mouthpiece Al Jazeera to spread more Hinduphobia

Sreenivasan Jain had been mired in controversies throughout his career as a news anchor - he has now joined Qatar mouthpiece Al Jazeera

‘Anti-Muslim, discriminatory, exclusionary’: International media peddles false narrative against CAA to incite Indian Muslims

The blatant labelling of CAA as ‘anti-Muslim’, ‘discriminatory’ and whatnot insinuates that the most important aspect of the Act is not that it will allow citizenship in India to persecuted Hindu, Sikh, Jain, Parsi, Buddhist, and Christian communities but that it ‘excludes Muslims’.

‘CAA will not take away citizenship of any Indian citizen irrespective of religion’: PIB fact-checks lies of Qatar-owned, Islamist propaganda outlet Al Jazeera

"Misinformation is being spread by Al Jazeera regarding the Citizenship Amendment Act, calling the act 'anti-Muslim'," PIB tweeted.

Al Jazeera anchor tries to corner BJP spokesperson Shazia Ilmi with motivated questions on Ram Mandir. Here’s how she defied them with facts

Shazia said, "To be honest, yes you can't undermine the fact that this will yield electoral dividends to the BJP but this has been part of BJP's manifesto since 1990, ever since the entire movement on Ram Temple has begun."

Hamas supporting co-workers, promotion of Muslim Brotherhood agenda and more: Former Al Jazeera journalist exposes the propaganda of the Qatari State-owned channel

“When you work for their news channel, they need you to promote their Muslim Brotherhood agendas, and if you’re not there ideologically, they’ll make sure to buy you off," Adnan Al-Ameri remarked.

Evidence shared by IDF shows two ‘journalists’ neutralised in Gaza were terrorists linked to Hamas, Islamic Jihad

According to reports, IDF presented a document in Arabic which listed Hamza as a dual-hate terrorist-journalist for Islamic Jihad

Arundhati Roy calls India ‘fascist Hindu enterprise’ in Al Jazeera interview, plea filed in Calcutta HC over anti-India statements

The petitioner asserted that Roy stated in an interview with Al Jazeera that "India was becoming a fascist Hindu enterprise." Roy in the video could also be heard calling the present rulers of India 'gangsters'.

Israel-Hamas war: Reuters cameraman killed, six others wounded near Lebanon’s southern border

A cameraman for the Reuters was killed and six other journalists were injured on the night of 13th October.

Foreign media paints Muslims as victims of Nuh violence even as 83.33 per cent of the dead were victims of Islamists’ violence

While foreign media outlets are busy branding Muslims as victims of Nuh violence, more than 80 per cent of those perished so far are Hindus.

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