Friday, October 7, 2022


Al Jazeera

Al Jazeera spreads fake news over Maulvi’s death in Bihar, blames Hindus while local reports suggest family’s property dispute

Al Jazeera spread fake news about murder of Maulvi in Bihar. Blamed Hindus for the murder.

Islamic scholar tells Muslims to not pray for deceased Al-Jazeera journalist as she was ‘Christian’, others call her ‘kafir’

One Islamist wondered whether Shireen Abu Akleh was indeed a 'Kafirah'. The term is widely used by Islamists across the globe to profile, discriminate and persecute non-Muslims.

The New York Times changes its factually correct headline on Al Jazeera journalist’s death in West Bank after outrage

The New York times forced to change headline to say that Al Jazeera journalist was killed by a gunshot in West Bank

Al Jazeera journalist shot dead while covering Israeli army operation in West Bank, Israel says Palestinian terrorists killed her

The Palestine Journalists Syndicate held the Israeli forces fully responsible for the crime and stated that Shireen Abu Akleh's death was a clear assassination perpetrated by the Israeli Army.

Journalist, who Al Jazeera defended for defaming Hindu organisations, now plays victim about getting a call from J&K CID after denying Hindu genocide

Freelance journalist Raqib Hameed Naik, who defaming Hindu orgs, is now playing victim after denying genocide of Hindus in Kashmir

Congress uses Al Jazeera to claim democracy is in danger, read how it is full of loopholes and load of cr*p

Congress clutches on to Al Jazeera to claim democracy is in danger, but is awfully misleading and biased as usual

As Sonia Gandhi legitimizes Al Jazeera hitjob in parliament, Congress gives another signal of how it’s now looking towards ‘foreign ecosystem’ to save it

With its domestic ecosystem unravelling, Congress strategy now revolves around enlisting foreign media to salvage its existence

‘Journalist’ with monster level IQ claims there’s an unofficial ‘internet ban’ in Srinagar while chatting on WhatsApp and tweeting

Social media users were quick to point out the contradictions in the Srinagar internet story of Adnan Bhat.

Coal crisis: How global media is attacking India to reduce China’s embarrassment

But the blackouts haven’t happened yet. We are on thin ice, but we are getting by. You cannot deny that.

Anti-India campaign on Twitter promoted by journalists, media houses and influencers linked to Muslim Brotherhood, says report by DisinfoLab

News articles were published promoting anti-India hashtag by several media houses connected to Muslim Brotherhood, says DisinfoLab

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