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Bengaluru: Several schools get bomb threats over e-mail, premises searched after evacuation

The Bengaluru City Police, along with a bomb disposal squad, rushed to the areas to conduct additional searches.

Terror org Al-Qaeda chief recites poem for burqa-clad protestor during Karnataka hijab row, incites Indian Muslims to take to violence

In the video titled "The Noble Woman of India", which carried an infographic depicting Muskan Zainab Khan, Zawahiri recited and dedicated a poem he had composed to praise Khan.

Did you know? Osama bin Laden may have gotten the name ‘Al-Qaeda’ from Isaac Asimov’s pathbreaking Sci-Fi saga ‘Foundation’

Scientist Dmitri Gusev argued that Osama bin Laden not only borrowed the name of the book 'Foundation' but the plot of the classic as well.

Al-Qaeda congratulates ‘Islamic Ummah on Victory’ as Taliban takes over Afghanistan, calls for ‘liberation’ of Kashmir

The congratulatory message from Al Qaeda comes on a day US President Joe Biden claimed the terror organisation has been decimated in Afghanistan after Osama Bin Laden was killed in Pakistan

Al-Qaeda leader and former Osama bin Laden aide Amin-ul-Haq returns to Afghanistan under Taliban

Al Qaeda leadr Amin-ul-Haq was the security in charge of Osama bin Laden in Tora Bora, has returned to Afghanistan.

Osama bin Laden believed Joe Biden would be an ‘incompetent’ president and lead US into crisis, barred Al Qaeda from assassinating him

Osama bin Laden told his followers he has no plans to assassinate Joe Biden because he was "totally unprepared" to lead USA.

Former CIA agent reveals how a Jihadi turned Al-Qaeda mole duped US Intelligence services and unleashed a terror attack: Read details

Former CIA agent Marc Polymeropoulos revealed how a jihadi-turned-agent duped the US Intelligence Services

Terrorist denotes himself inside ice-cream parlour in Mogadishu, killing seven, Islamic Al-Shabab claims responsibility

A suicide bomber blew himself at an ice cream shop in Somalia’s capital Mogadishu killing at least seven people

Pakistan sponsored Al-Qaeda planning terrorist attack in West Bengal, radicalising youth through Jihad: Report

NIA has apprehended eleven Al-Qaeda terrorists from West Bengal since the month of September

Wahabi extremism rising in West Bengal, jobless youngsters being recruited for ‘Jihad’: Report

Unemployment is being used to recruit young men into terrorist activities in West Bengal, says report.

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