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Al-Qaeda congratulates ‘Islamic Ummah on Victory’ as Taliban takes over Afghanistan, calls for ‘liberation’ of Kashmir

In its statement, Al-Qaeda has also called for the "liberation" of Kashmir and other so-called Islamic lands from the "clutches of the enemies of Islam" in its message congratulating the Taliban for its victory in Afghanistan.

Islamic terror group Al-Qaeda has released a two-page statement congratulating the “Islamic Ummah” on the occasion of the Taliban’s victory in Afghanistan. The statement comes hours after Biden claimed Al Qaeda has been decimated in Afghanistan. “”We delivered justice to bin Laden on May 2nd, 2011, over a decade ago. Al-Qaeda was decimated,” Biden had said in an address on Tuesday.

According to the reports, the congratulatory message was released by As-Sahab, al Qaeda’s media arm, in Arabic and English just hours after the last American soldier withdrew from Afghanistan.

In its statement titled “Congratulations to the Islamic Ummah on the victory granted by Allah in Afghanistan!”, Al-Qaeda’s leadership has praised Allah for the victory, saying it “soothed” their hearts to hear verses from the Quran recited in the Presidential Palace in Kabul after it had been “cleansed from the filth of the Americans”.

In its statement, Al-Qaeda has also called for the “liberation” of Kashmir and other so-called Islamic lands from the “clutches of the enemies of Islam” in its message congratulating the Taliban for its victory in Afghanistan.

Al-Qaeda’s statement after the complete take over of Afghanistan by the Taliban/ Image Source: Twitter

“We praise the Almighty, the Omnipotent, who humiliated and defeated America, the head of disbelief,” the statement read, adding, “We praise Him for breaking America’s back, tarnishing its global reputation and expelling it, disgraced and humiliated, from the Islamic land of Afghanistan.”

Referring to the Taliban as the Islamic Emirate in its statement, Al-Qaeda said that Afghanistan was a “graveyard of empires” and an “impregnable fortress”.

The statement also praised four Taliban leaders for achieving victory in Afghanistan, the three emirs of the group since its founding and Jalaluddin Haqqani, one of Osama bin Laden’s first benefactors in Afghanistan.

“On this historic occasion, we would like to offer our congratulations to the leadership of the Islamic Emirate, specifically Haibatullah Akhundzada,” the statement read. “May Allah accept your martyrs – the men, women and children who offered sacrifices in this path!” the statement said.

Al-Qaeda praises Taliban for giving safe-haven to Islamic terror groups

Further, Al-Qaeda recalled that Mullah Omar defied America by refusing to turn over Osama bin Laden in 2001. “With firm trust in Allah’s promise of victory, [Omar] made his famous statement, the echo of which can be heard today, loud and clear, all across Afghanistan, indeed all across the Islamic World,” the letter read.  

Al-Qaeda then describes Mullah Omar’s vow in 2001 that read, “Allah has promised us victory, and Bush has promised us defeat; we shall see which of the two promises shall be fulfilled!”.

The statement continues, “May Allah bless the soul of the Emir of the Believers, the defiant, uncompromising leader, Mullah Akhtar Mansour!”.

Al-Qaeda also asks Allah to “have mercy on the mentor of the Mujahideen, the father of martyrs, Sheikh Jalaluddin Haqqani.”

In the statement, Al Qaeda also called Afghans to “unite around the blessed leadership of the Islamic Emirate — a leadership that has over the years proven its sincerity and keenness to safeguard the interests of the masses and protect their religion, lives, and wealth.” 

“We call upon the Afghan nation to abide by the decisions and Shariah-based policies of the blessed Islamic Emirate,” the statement read. Al Qaeda also asked the Islamic ummah to extend its total support to the Islamic Emirate in all fields, specifically at this critical juncture in which all forces of disbelief have set their eyes upon this Islamic nation.

Al-Qaeda calls for “liberation” of Kashmir

In the detailed statement issued by Al-Qaeda hours after the Taliban declared “full Independence” of Afghanistan following the withdrawal of US forces, the terror group has called for the so-called liberation of regions such as Kashmir, Palestine, the Levant, Somalia and Yemen.

“0′ Allah! Liberate the Levant, Somalia, Yemen, Kashmir and the rest of the Islamic lands from the clutches of the enemies of Islam. 0’ Allah! Grant freedom to Muslim prisoners across the world”.

In the message, Al-Qaeda has said that the victory of the Taliban proved that the way of Jihad is the only way that leads to victory and empowerment.

The defeat of the “American Empire of Evil” is a “tremendous source of inspiration for the oppressed of the world”, read the statement offering Al-Qaeda’s congratulations to the Taliban leadership hours after the complete withdrawal of the US forces from Afghanistan.

The United States on Monday completed its withdrawal from Afghanistan. A US military C-17 carried the last American troops out of Afghanistan on Monday, marking the formal end of the longest war in US history. The final US withdrawal came ahead of the August 31 deadline set by President Joe Biden.

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