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‘Medical Association should find a cure for covid instead of wasting court’s time’: Delhi HC refuses to restrain Baba Ramdev’s free speech

The HC expressed its doubts over the "maintainability" of the suit at this stage and said DMA should be spending time on finding a cure for the pandemic instead of wasting the court’s time.

IMA calls Ramdev anti-national who does not deserve mercy, attempts to whitewash president Jayalal’s Christian missionary comments

The letter from the Indian Medical Association (IMA) called Baba Ramdev a "traitor" and an "anti-national".

The tussle between Baba Ramdev and IMA has become an ‘Ayurveda Vs allopathy’ debate. It doesn’t need to be

As India grapples with the resurgent coronavirus outbreak, both the Ayurveda and allopathy practitioners and supporters need to realise that both treatments can coexist simultaneously, without the need to discredit the other.

After trying to bully Baba Ramdev, IMA says they will withdraw complaint and defamation suit if he retracts his remarks entirely

The row between IMA and Baba Ramdev erupted after the Yoga Guru questioned the efficacy of allopathic medicines

IMA files police complaint against Baba Ramdev, seeks FIR against him after threatening with 1000 crores lawsuit

The complaint, signed by General Secretary of IMA, Dr. Jayesh Lele, sought an FIR against Baba Ramdev and his associates at the IP Estate police station in New Delhi.

IMA continues to bully Baba Ramdev, now sues him for Rs 1,000 crore over his statements on Allopathic medicine

IMA continues to target Baba Ramdev even after he had withdrawn statement on allomathic medicine

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