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Air Ambulance does a successful belly landing on foam carpet at Mumbai airport after losing a wheel while departing from Nagpur

Air ambulance of Jetserv Aviation belly-landed at Mumbai airport after it had lost its front wheel while departing from Nagpur Airport

Coronavirus crisis in Maharashtra: Ambulance forced to stuff 22 dead bodies together, police stop eyewitnesses from taking pictures

When two relatives of a deceased began filming the ambulance and taking pictures of the dead bodies, the police seized their phones.

Here are 8 times the media peddled ‘protestors let ambulance pass’ trope to whitewash the violence unleashed

One particular brand of 'positive stories' that is used time and again is the 'protesters let ambulance through' schtick.

Maharashtra: Woman and her newborn kid die as the only ambulance in the area reached two hours late due to COVID-19 duty

There is only one ambulance available in the town, and it was on Covid-19 duty at a facility 50 km away, causing the delay

Maharashtra: No ambulance, 26-year-old coronavirus patient walks to the hospital accompanied by social workers, video goes viral

The patient walked all the way to Shastrinagar civic hospital in Dombivli on Thursday after the hospital staff allegedly asked him to walk to the hospital, a distance of 3km away, as an ambulance was not available.

Gujarat: Woman gives birth in ambulance in Gir Somnath as the road was blocked by lions

After noticing the lions blocking the way, the ambulance stopped at the spot and the woman delivered her baby inside the ambulance.

Please come fast or my wife will die: Man pleads, but Shaheen Bagh ‘protestors’ don’t let an ambulance pass

A woman's health deteriorated when Shaheen Bagh 'protestors' didn't let an ambulance pass during the road blockade.

Left goons at JNU block way of ambulance in which Dean was being taken for health checkup

JNU Vice-Chancellor M. Jagadesh Kumar slammed the 'students' and called their conduct 'highly condemnable and outrageous'.

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