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Nobody should have kids, India has too many people, they don’t have food to eat’: Philosopher Martha Nussbaum, who was in a relationship with...

Martha Nussbaum said India has 1.6 billion people, a number according to her, was "too many". She claimed that people in India do not have enough to eat and there is "widespread famine in lots of parts of India."

BJP leader Vijay Goel shares video that disproves media allegations that he slapped a woman, video was shared by AAP leaders too: Details

On the 5th of June, digital news portal The New Indian shared a video of BJP leader Vijay Goel with the claim that he slapped a woman publicly.

Stray Pitbull attacks 30-year-old man, bites his private parts in Karnal, Haryana

A doctor at the hospital said, "We have received a patient attacked by a Pitbull. He has been admitted and is being treated. Currently, the patient is in stable condition."

Colombia plans to send Pablo Escobar’s 60 ‘cocaine hippos’ to India and 10 to Mexico, to control their growing population

Colombia plans to fly as many as 70 of its 'cocaine hippos' to India and Mexico in a bid to control their booming population

Indonesia: Crocodile finds the body of a drowned child and “returns” it to the search team

Crocodile helped in retrieving dead body of a 4-year-old child in Indonesia

A large flock of sheep has been walking in a circle for 12 days without stopping in China, CCTV video goes viral

The sheep can be seen walking continuously in circles inside their fence in northern China in the video.

Uttar Pradesh: Rs 10,000 fine on pet owners in Noida if their dog attacks others causing injury, read details

The Noida Authority CEO announced on Twitter that it is mandatory to get pet dog/cat registration done by January 31, 2023. A fine will be imposed in case of failure of registration. Pet dogs must also be sterilized and vaccinated against rabies.

For the first time, a rare ‘pink’ leopard caught on camera in Rajasthan

Pink Leopard spotted in Udaipur, Rajasthan. Photographed for the first time in India.

Shocking video shows Kerala woman setting a dog and her seven puppies on fire

In Kerala, two women have allegedly set a mother dog and her litter of month old seven puppies on fire and the incident was caught on camera

456 animals died in Delhi Zoo in 3 years, including over 100 blackbucks, for reasons including cannibalism, shock: Details of RTI

"Now if this is the case in Delhi, one can anticipate the condition of Zoological parks in other States of India," said Vivek Pandey

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