Monday, December 6, 2021



For the first time, a rare ‘pink’ leopard caught on camera in Rajasthan

Pink Leopard spotted in Udaipur, Rajasthan. Photographed for the first time in India.

Shocking video shows Kerala woman setting a dog and her seven puppies on fire

In Kerala, two women have allegedly set a mother dog and her litter of month old seven puppies on fire and the incident was caught on camera

456 animals died in Delhi Zoo in 3 years, including over 100 blackbucks, for reasons including cannibalism, shock: Details of RTI

"Now if this is the case in Delhi, one can anticipate the condition of Zoological parks in other States of India," said Vivek Pandey

How Jains observe penance, to express solidarity with the millions of animals that are slaughtered on Bakrid

Jains across the world observe a difficult fast, Ayambil or refrain from consuming dairy products as a mark of tribute to the slaughtered animals.

PETA says illegal goat markets are open all over Mumbai ahead of Bakra Eid, claims violation of Covid norms and animal rights

PETA India alleged illegal goat markets have opened all across Mumbai amidst Bakra Eid celebrations despite Covid restrictions.

Kerala: Dog hanged from a boat, beaten to death over personal animosity with owner family

The accused were identified as Silu Ayyan, Sunil and a juvenile, and were arrested. However, they were soon released on bail.

4 cases of dog rape in Mumbai in past few months as concerns over animal safety grow: All you need to know

There has been a gradual rise in the crimes against animals, especially dog rape in Mumbai, who are subjected to bestiality.

Fossils of world’s oldest animal Dickinsonia discovered inside Bhimbetka rock shelters in Madhya Pradesh

According to researchers, the Dickinsonia fossil found at the 'Auditorium Cave' at Bhimbetka dates back 570 million years.

Kerala: Irked by dog ‘creating trouble’ in his area, one Yusuf ties dog to car and drags her along, arrested for cruelty

The Kerala police have arrested a man named Yusuf in Ernakulam district for tying a dog to his car and dragging it for miles.

Watch: Gir forest employee’s endearing talk to a lion requesting him to let him pass

Gir forest in Gujarat is the only home in Asia to Asiatic Lions. It is one of the most important and protected areas in Asia.

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