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As Zomato launches pure veg service, Wokes and Liberals resort to vilifying Brahmins over their food choices, again

Zomato had introduced the pure veg service to tackle this problem, however, the ever-metastasising “Wokeism” soon found another stick to beat their favourite targets, Brahmins

Exclusive: JNU has no idea about the culprits involved in the 2022 anti-Brahmin graffiti incident on campus, reveals RTI​

The slogans read “Brahmin-Baniya, we are coming for you”, “We will avenge”, “Brahmins Leave the campus”, “Brahmins leave India”, “Now there will be blood”, and “Go back to Sakha” among others.

DMK supporter uses casteist slurs to attack singer Sivasri Skandaprasad over her old video where she promotes Indian clothing

Dr Aravind Raja, a Dravidianist and a die-hard supporter of the ruling DMK party in Tamil Nadu, took to X to target singer Sivasri Skandaprasad for promoting Indian clothing

As Pune police book Mukesh Machkar for inciting genocide of Brahmins by attacking women, read why Brahmin bashing is considered cool in Maharashtra

Read the historical and political reasons why bashing Brahmins is considered cool in Maharashtra

Anti-Brahmin rhetoric at the core of Dravidian movement is common, but did you know Brahmin participation in the toxicity? The story of VP Raman

What is of interest to us is the life and work of V P Raman as an example of the inability of the elite Brahmins of the time to fully comprehend the nature of the Dravidian movement. 

Tamil Nadu: TPDK workers protest against alleged Brahmin, North Indian dominance in public sector jobs

A TDPK worker claimed that the demonstration has no relation to the ongoing migrant crisis in the State.

Air India urination story: ‘Liberals’ use the religious identity of accused Shankar Mishra to target the Brahmin community

Despite the non-religious motivation, the usual suspects clung on to Mishra’s religious identity to promote anti-Brahmin bigotry.

‘Tapasvi vs Pujari’ comment by Rahul Gandhi is signalling to his secular-liberal ecosystem: This is how

This is a country of Tapasvi, not Pujaris – is the latest gem from Rahul Gandhi, who is being relaunched for the umpteenth time by his party and a friendly ecosystem.

DMK spokesperson Rajiv Gandhi calls for genocide of Tamil Brahmins, wants to adopt Periyar’s killing model: Details

DMK party in Tamil Nadu courted controversy after its official spokesperson R. Rajiv Gandhi claimed that Tamil Brahmins should have been killed

Dalit activist joins White Supremacists in targeting Twitter CEO over caste, former CEO Jack Dorsey had earlier promoted her anti-Brahmin poster

Dalit activist Thenmozhi Soundarajan joined White Supremacists in targeting newly appointed Twitter CEO Parag Agrawal over caste.

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