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Anti Hindu bias

ET publishes offensive memes on Shivling despite multiple FIRs over those memes, once again highlighting the callousness of media towards Hindu sentiments

The Economic Times published a meme mocking Hindus by depicting the Bhabha Atomic Research Centre as a Shivling

Political brainwashing and lies: What was said by Smriti Shah and how Vision IAS is spreading anti-Hindu propaganda in the guise of UPSC coaching

Controversy broke out when a video of a faculty from UPSC training academy - Vision IAS made rounds on social media wherein a faculty was seen calling the 'Bhakti Movement' as a cult

Hindu man, threatened with bogus charges, demonised by media for resisting religious conversions to Christianity: Read how

A Hindu man was characterised as villain by mainstream media outlets for opposing conversion attempts by Christian missionaries

Muslim man among 3 booked for selling Chinese kite string, ‘Liberals’ claim MP govt’s action has communal undertones: Here’s the truth

Abdul Jabbar, Ritik Jadhav and Vijay Bhavsar were booked following the death of an Ujjain woman due to kite string but liberals accused MP govt of targeting Muslims

Elle India deletes Hinduphobic cartoon from their social media pages after receiving backlash

Elle India posted a Hinduphobic cartoon, the fashion magazine has now deleted it from their social media platforms after receiving a huge backlash.

If you are a Hindu then you practice untouchability: Jindal Law School faculty claims in viral video

Following her rant, Shruti Pandey of Jindal Global Law School went on to heap praises on Islam and its 'acceptability' of widow remarriage.

The forgotten ‘Abba Jaan’ controversy: How the Left claimed that ‘Pita Shri’ of Mahabharat was inspired by ‘Abba Jaan’

Scroll has attributed the origins of words like 'Matashree' and 'Pitashree' to Rahi Masoom Raza who they claimed was inspired from Urdu words.

Netflix wants you to believe that we are living in some ‘Hindu dystopia’, but here’s the real dystopia we live in

When Netflix, the gold standard of today’s popular culture, started making original content in India, three of their very first productions were Sacred Games, Ghoul and Leila.

New York Times looks for anti-Hindu, anti-Modi candidates to spread propaganda: Dissecting the dangerous job opening

The New York Times posted an entry-level job requirement on their website and on LinkedIn for anti-Hindu, anti-Modi writers

As #RacistRutgers trends on Twitter, read details of the accusations against Audrey Truschke by Rutgers University students

Students accused Audrey Truschke of advocating that Hinduism is inherently oppressive, racist, misogynistic, and violent.

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