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Anti Hindu bias

Tamil Nadu police say state govt not anti-Hindu, but court docs reveal how only 4 out of 288 permissions were given for 22nd Jan...

On the 29th of January 2023, the Tamil Nadu Director General of Police filed a counter affidavit in the Madras High Court, responding to a petition which claimed that the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu had issued an oral order against granting permission to events surrounding Ram Lalla Pran Pratishtha.

As Congress says ‘religion is personal matter’, read how they have used it for minority appeasement and Hindu hatred for decades

While hundreds of dignitaries and people from all walks of life are eagerly awaiting to witness history in the making on January 22, when Ayodhya's Ram Mandir's Pran Pratishtha is set to take place, the Congress party has declared that it would skip the massive inauguration ceremony

Swami Prasad Maurya brazens it out after calling Hindu Dharma a ‘Dhokha’ and claiming it is a business to fool people

"Prime Minister Narendra Modi has also said that Hindu is not a religion. Even Gadkari had said the same thing in a media conclave," Maurya said while speaking at National Buddhist and Bahujan Rights Conference in New Delhi on Monday.

‘Husband loses wife in gambling during Dhanteras; another Mahabharat in Amroha:’ How media uses Hindu festival to highlight crime committed by a Muslim

On November 10, when Hindus across the world celebrated Dhanteras News 24 Hindi published a post where it went on to exploit Diwali as a handy opportunity to highlight a crime that a Muslim had committed

Leftists and Islamists try to blame Hindus for a Muslim boy carving ‘Jai Bholenath’ on another Muslim boy as a ‘prank’ in Bareilly

In the Bareilly incident, Mohammad Shadab was identified as the accused, but still Islamists and the leftist-liberal brigade abused and vilified Hindus, accusing them of a crime that was actually carried out by a Muslim youth.

Those who founded a Kashmiri separatist platform write for TheWire about George Soros-funded institution labelling India an ‘autocracy’

The Wire published report based on George Soros-funded V-Dem and authored by Vasundhara Sirnate who had founded Hinduphobic Kashmiri separatist organisation The Polis Project.

BBC blames ‘Hindu hierarchy’ for rape and murder of Dalit sisters, forgets to mention that the arrested accused were Arif, Sohail, and Junaid among...

BBC has intended to imply that the incident occurred due to the existence of 'Hindu hierarchy'. While it emphasized the Dalit identity of the victims, it forgot to mention that the culprits were named Junaid, Airf, Sohail, Hafiz, Karimuddin and Chhotu.

Karnataka: Missionary school teachers remove Rakhis from the wrists of students and throw them in the dustbin, school apologises after parents protest

School teachers of a missionary school in Karnataka reportedly forced students to remove the Rakhis tied to their wrists and threw them in the dustbin.

ET publishes offensive memes on Shivling despite multiple FIRs over those memes, once again highlighting the callousness of media towards Hindu sentiments

The Economic Times published a meme mocking Hindus by depicting the Bhabha Atomic Research Centre as a Shivling

Political brainwashing and lies: What was said by Smriti Shah and how Vision IAS is spreading anti-Hindu propaganda in the guise of UPSC coaching

Controversy broke out when a video of a faculty from UPSC training academy - Vision IAS made rounds on social media wherein a faculty was seen calling the 'Bhakti Movement' as a cult

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