Tuesday, March 21, 2023


Anti Hindu propaganda

India International Centre President Shyam Saran should apologise for inviting Romila Thapar for History lecture

Romila Thapar being invited for CD Deshmukh Memorial Lecture at India International Centre has created quite a furore.

Complaint filed against Bihar education minister Chandrashekhar for hurting Hindu sentiments with his remarks on Ramcharitmanas

Advocate Vineet Jindal files complaint against Bihar education minister Chandrashekhar for his comments on Ramcharitmanas

Author Ami Ganatra, Nityanand Misra explain why Drishti IAS managing director was wrong about Ram-Sita in his comments and subsequent explanation

Author Ami Ganatra slammed the Drishti IAS professor for obtusely cherry-picking a line from the scripture

UPSC coaching centre Drishti IAS Managing Director compares Hindu Goddesses Sita to dog-licked food, brainwashes students against Hinduism

UPSC coaching centre Drishti IAS has landed in trouble after a video of its managing director mocking Hindu god and goddesses has gone viral on social media

Meet Rowaida Abdelaziz, the HuffPost columnist who relies on lies, half-truths and malicious tropes to demonise Hindus in the US

The HuffPost reporter falsely claimed that the Indian Prime Minister was not just stripping Muslims of their citizenship but also building concentration camps.

Rana Ayyub celebrates Diwali, gets slammed by Islamists for committing ‘Shirk’

Rana Ayyub's attempt to safeguard the image of the extremists, whom she had been shielding for years, proved futile as the Instagram video was re-shared on Twitter.

Dear Kapil Sibal, here are 15 instances of hate speech by Islamists against the Hindu community

Despite videographic evidence, a court in Hyderabad ruled that the 2012 speech of Akbaruddin Owaisi did not constitute hate speech.

HC denies Umar Khalid bail in larger conspiracy case: Here is what court said and how it busts the ‘anti-Muslim pogrom’ narrative yet again

Delhi HC rejected bail of Umar Khalid in the case pertaining to bigger conspiracy in 2020 anti-Hindu Delhi riots

Days after Leicester violence, Indian diaspora to stage protest against BBC for spreading Hinduphobia and peddling anti-India narrative

The protest against BBC is announced days after, several British Hindus had gathered in front of the Guardian News office

Meet Robert Carter alias Muhammad Ali, the anti-India propagandist spreading falsehoods over Hinduphobic attacks in the UK

British journalist Robert Carter who converted to Islam years ago is running an anti-India propaganda through his reporting

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