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Indian-origin Professors, now under scanner for endorsing anti-Semitism in US university, were behind cancellation of PM Modi’s talk in 2013

The nefarious agenda of the three Professors succeeded and the then University President Amy Gutmann gave in to the pressure mounted by them.

‘Terrible mistake’: Susan Sarandon apologises for anti-semitic remarks at NYC rally after top Hollywood talent agency drops her

Sarandon had joined the crowd in an NYC rally, chanting “From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free”, an antisemitic slogan.

Leftist NGO ‘Media Matters’, which has been hounding X and Elon Musk, has a George Soros connection

'Media Matters' promised to use the donation of $1 million from George Soros to continue its smear campaign against Fox News.

Elon Musk sues leftist NGO, which accused X of promoting Neo-Nazi content through manufactured images

In a tweet on 18th November, Elon Musk vowed to file a 'thermonuclear lawsuit' against the leftist NGO.

A Kerala group is organising anti-Israel protests in several cities: What the protests are, the ‘toolkit’, the founder and her anti-Hindutva rhetoric and more

The intention behind "The Solidarity Movement" demonstrations scheduled for 14th November is clear upon seeing this story post shared by one of the organisers

Indian-origin American Kurush Mistry who was pasting anti-Israel posters and abusing Jews in NY fired from commodity trading firm owned by Jews

Kurush Mistry, an Indian-origin American who was seen abusing Jewish persons and putting anti-Israel posters in Manhattan, has been fired from his job

MIT didn’t suspend students unleashing hate speech against Jews as it would have led to their deportation, netizens react

Instead of suspending the protestors for posing a physical threat to the Jewish community on campus, the MIT President decided to act otherwise.

Jewish woman stabbed at her home in France, attacker defaces door with Nazi symbol Hakenkreuz

The victim is said to be in her 30s and was attacked after she opened the door on hearing the doorbell.

Austria: Jewish Cemetery attacked in Vienna, wall defaced with Hakencruez symbol

In an X post, Karl Nehammer, the Federal Chancellor of Austria condemned the anti-Jewish incident saying that anti-semitism has no place in society.

Meet Dilly Hussain: Deputy Editor of ‘5 Pillars’, portal which also fanned Leicester violence, now threatens Israelis, had called for turning India ‘Islamic’

Dilly Hussain was seen fearmongering about the future of India after Narendra Modi was re-elected as the Prime Minister of India in May 2019.

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