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‘That’s low, poor marketing taste’: Canadian brand Dbrand faces backlash after posting rude, derogatory comment on an Indian customer’s name

Dbrand's statement drew criticism on X, with some pointing out the racial connotations. Despite the criticism, the accessories firm refused to apologize or eliminate the post. The post has received more than 9 million views on X.

ED seeks help from Apple to unlock Arvind Kejriwal’s iPhone as he refuses to give the access code, the Delhi CM is being interrogated...

Investigators from ED , who have been holding Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal in custody for more than a week, have reached out to Apple for assistance in accessing his iPhone

Google joins Apple in pulling major crypto exchange apps from Play Store in India after govt flagged them for operating illegally in the country

Google and Apple removed nine crypto exchanges from play store after govt of India took a series of regulatory measures targeting the cryptocurrency sector.

Indian govt’s Computer Emergency Response Team sends notice to Apple over ‘state-sponsored hacking attempt’ alerts, begins investigation

CERT-In has started its investigation in the Apple threat notification issue raised by opposition MPs. has sent notice to the company

Access Now: The NGO behind Apple’s dubious alert message to politicians is funded by George Soros and Ford Foundation

Warning messages that MPs recieved came via an NGO that is funded by George Soros and Ford Foundation. Notably Apple had clarified that these alerts regarding the so-called “state-sponsored threats” to their users’ devices are not reliable.

Apple threat notifications: Politicians, journalists claim they received hacking alerts; Apple says individuals in 150 countries received ‘unreliable’ alerts

In a new political potboiler, some iPhone-using Opposition leaders have claimed to have received "threat alerts" from Apple.

Tata Electronics to become first Indian company to manufacture Apple iPhones, to acquire Wistron plant in Karnataka for ₹1040 crore

Tata Electronics Private Limited, a Tata group company, will begin manufacturing iPhones in India for domestic and global markets soon

Apple says iPhone 15 Pro’s overheating issues are due to bug in iOS 17, promises software update to fix the issue

Apple said that they have identified some factors that might make the iPhone 15 run "warmer than expected."

France asked Apple to withdraw this iPhone and now other countries joining in

France ordered Apple Inc. to stop selling iPhone 12 due to above-threshold radiation levels

Russian Ministry bans iPhones and iPads for work over fear of espionage

The ban came two months after the Russian main Federal Security Service or the FSB, claimed that thousands of Apple devices had been infiltrated as a result of a US espionage operation.

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