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Taylor Swift and her “Eras Tour” ignites tensions between ASEAN partners Thailand and Singapore

Thai PM Thavisin said that AEG informed him about the agreement that bars Taylor Swift from performing the Eras Tour shows in the ASEAN countries.

The World, G20 and Prime Minister Narendra Modi: The Branding of Bharat

Group of Twenty or G20 in short is a group of 20 nations including the EU which was established in 1999, to facilitate discussions and cooperation on global economic and financial issues.

G20 Summit 2023: In a rapidly evolving multipolar world, here is how India is showing the path to global peace and prosperity

India has held a persistent approach and policy on the Ukraine war. Its repeated attempts to broker talks between Russia and Ukraine, while also not letting the stakeholders' position derail its policy shows that India has indeed drawn the world's attention to Asia.

PM Modi departs for Indonesia to take part in ASEAN-India Summit and East Asia Summit in Jakarta

Prime Minister Narendra Modi emplaned for Indonesia on Wednesday to take part in the ASEAN-India Summit and East Asia Summit.

International support for India grows amidst LAC standoff with China, here are key countries opposing expansionist strategies of China

Several countries like USA, France, Japan, Australia, UK etc support India over the border conflict with China, slams China's aggression

Inputs from RSS and farmers association stopped Modi govt from being a part of RCEP, world’s largest free trade agreement

On Monday, India announced that it will not be part of the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership or RCEP, which will be the world's largest free trade pact of 16 nations.

All you wanted to know about the RCEP, the trade deal forming the world’s largest economic block

The RCEP will provide the Indian industry with a large market with low trade barriers

Congress messed up the FTA they signed and are now blaming others

The government says RCEP agreement is far better than previous deals signed by the Congress governments

ASEAN summit: Serial blasts in Bangkok injure three, explosions took place right before US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s keynote speech

A regional security meeting of foreign ministers from the Association of South Asian Nations (ASEAN) is currently underway in Bangkok. 

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