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Baghpat chaat fight: Man from viral video explains reason behind the brawl. Watch

The man, identified as Harinder, is a chaat vendor along with others got into a fight with other chaat vendors who had opened shop about two months back.

Video of UP shopkeepers engaging in hand-to-hand combat goes viral, netizens unleash their creative best

Baghpat Police arrested eight as the clash between two groups broke out in Baraut. An investigation into the matter has been initiated.

Baghpat police arrest Akram and his wife Rukhsar for forcing a woman to convert to Islam after sexually exploiting and impregnating her

Following the victim's complaint, the Baghpat police have arrested accused Akram who was absconding. His wife was arrested by the police yesterday.

Rape, attempted abortion and forceful religious conversion: Shocking case of Grooming Jihad emerges from Baghpat, Uttar Pradesh

A shocking case of Grooming Jihad has emerged from Baghpat, Uttar Pradesh where a Muslim doctor allegedly raped a nurse, made her pregnant and then forced her to convert to Islam.

Baghpat: Man arrested for issuing death threats to PM Modi and CM Yogi in RLD rally

Man arrested in Baghpat for calling for the beheading of PM Modi and CM Yogi in RLD rally.

Uttar Pradesh: Coronavirus positive patient from Tablighi Jamaat flees the hospital in Baghpat, uses his clothes as rope

Coronavirus positive Tablighi member escaped from Kovid Hospital Khekra in Uttar Pradesh's Baghpat district.

Uttar Pradesh: Suspected COVID-19 patient flees from isolation ward, police in search

Vineet was kept in isolation after he had come in contact of a Dubai returned friend who tested positive for Coronavirus

Baghpat: While one village remains tense after discovery of cow carcasses, Muslim family of cow-smugglers attacks police team in another

The Luhari village in UP's Baghpat has been tensed after several cow carcasses were found. Locals allege police inaction on smugglers and illegal meat businesses.

Uttar Pradesh: Muslim man shaves beard, creates a fake attack story to save himself from family’s anger

Farooq had reportedly started growing beard in an 'Ijtima' that took place in the city five years ago. However, lately, he was uncomfortable with his beard due to the heat.

Irshad goes on Kanwar Yatra with Hindu friends, Muslims say ‘against religion’, thrash him and his father

As he returned back from Kanwar yatra to his village in Baghpat, Uttar Pradesh, he was allegedly beaten and his family was attacked by a group of Muslim men

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