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Bakri Eid

Pakistan: Ahmadis denied permission to offer Namaz and organise Qurbani on Bakrid, threatened with blasphemy cases

Minority Ahmadi Muslims in Pakistan have been stopped from organising Qurbani and offering Namaz, even from within their houses, during the Islamic festival of Bakrid

Islamists and Leftists outrage about residents opposing potential animal slaughter on Eid inside Mira Road housing society, call them ‘uncivilised’: How it’s illegal

Residents of housing society in Mira Road, Mumbai, opposed potential slaughter of goats by a Muslim family inside the society

Controversy in Mumbai’s Mira Road society erupts after Muslim man gets two goats to his flat ahead of Bakrid, residents say won’t allow slaughter...

The residents saw a Muslim family getting two white goats in their apartment ahead of bakrid (Bakri-eid)

‘Muharram mein nachenge’: Mallikarjun Kharge slammed for suggesting ‘celebrating Muharram’ while evading question on Congress PM candidate

After ‘Muharram mein nachenge’ comment of Mallikarjun Kharge, Shehzad Poonawalla said that Muharram is mourned, not celebrated with dances

18 camels smuggled to Karnataka for slaughtering on Eid al-Adha rescued and sent back to Rajasthan

Animal activists near Hosur helped catch the camels and kept them in a shelter home for days before sending these animals to Rajasthan.

When lettuce burqa clad PETA ‘activists’ were assaulted for promoting vegetarianism and booked under blasphemy laws ahead of Bakri Eid

An incident from 2014 when PETA was accused of hurting religious sentiments for asking Muslims to go vegetarian on Bakri Eid is going viral on social media.

PETA India chooses ‘peace’ this Bakri Eid, stays away from festival shaming unlike during Hindu festivals

Over the years, people have pointed out PETA India's hypocrisy over its stand on animal cruelty but they have always chosen 'peace' over appealing to the community to go vegan.

Karnataka government issues warning against cow slaughter on Bakri Eid, asks officials to remain vigilant

The ministry has issued a warning that anyone found sacrificing livestock during Bakri Eid this weekend will face the full force of the law.

Uttarakhand: HC allows animal slaughter in Haridwar district’s Manglaur at a legally compliant slaughterhouse for Eid, stays Govt’s blanket ban

Uttarakhand high court directed that on Eid al-Adha, slaughtering of animals should be done only in the legally compliant slaughterhouse in the Manglaur municipality in the Haridwar district.

Kerala govt books nearly 100 Hindu devotees including priest for flouting Covid restrictions after relaxations for Eid

A hundred Hindu devotees of the Varaikkal Devi temple were booked in Kerala for making offerings during the 'Karkitaka Vavu Bali' festival.

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