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Behind the propaganda smokescreen of elite liberalism, the Ram vs Durga rhetoric, do we not hear the drumbeat of “Bengaliyat”?
Satyajit Biswas' murder has started a political slugfest between the TMC and Bhartiya Janta Party state leaders
Kolkata police commissioner Rajeev Kumar appears before CBI in Shillong after being directed by Supreme Court.
Yogi Aditiynath addresses a public rally at West Bengal by telephone.
PM Modi stated that the growing support for BJP in the state has compelled Mamata Banerjee's TMC to resort to violence.
The woman's family reportedly had a land dispute with the family of the accused.
It is yet to be ascertained as to who ordered this clean-up even before the forensic team could examine the site
The blast, according to the police is of ‘high intensity’. Iron Nails were also recovered from the blast site.
A mother was forced to drink the urine of a miscreant in Bengal for the crime of being a mother to a son, who praised Modi.
There is an urgent need for serious research, thinking and debate on the topic.
Last year, Mamata Banerjee's government had restricted idol immersions on the day of Vijay Dashami, as the date coincided with Muharram.
She also accused the BJP government in Jharkhand of dictating people’s food habits
The arrested teenager is an 11th class student at Kaliachak High School.
First you lose lives; then you lose the memory of these lives and instead of outrage are left with guilt.
Mamata Banerjee has been trying to paint the BJP as anti-Bengali.
Chatterjee was expelled from CPI(M) in 2008 for not toeing the party line during no-confidence motion against UPA government
If one notices the insinuation here, it is clear that Mamata seems to be hinting at and subversively equating ‘’illegals’’ with untouchables.
On 4th August 2005, when Banerjee was in the opposition and the state was under the CPI(M) rule, she held very differing views on the issue
TMC has called the move of publishing the draft of NRC an 'inhuman' move
While political affiliations are transient these tweets certainly make one wonder what changed his opinions. 
There has always been much uproar about the politicization of student unions in Bengal
The Congress got 38, which is a lot considering their precedence in the state polls for the last two decades.
Many senior Bengal Congress leaders have quit Congress to join the TMC.
Dr Syama Prasad Mookerjee died in the state of Jammu and Kashmir while agitating against Article 370
There is going to be dragon dance and Chinese flute
Instances of violence have been reported from Bihar, Jharkhand and Bengal
WB Education Minister said 'lesbianism' is 'against the ethos of Bengal'
4 seats of Lok Sabha have gone to bypolls since 2014 election and this year will see 4 more bypolls.
They also allegedly pelted stones on BJP headquarters in Kolkata

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