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After Sangrur MP Simranjit Singh Mann compares Bhindranwale with Bhagat Singh, Khalistani sympathizers claim Bhindranwale was even greater

Khalistani sympathizers claimed Bhindranwale was more significant than Shaheed-e-Azam Bhagat Singh

Newly elected pro-Khalistan Sangrur MP Simranjit Singh Mann calls Bhagat Singh ‘terrorist,’ Punjab minister slams remarks, urges to apologise

SAD (Amritsar) chief Simranjit Singh Mann has a long history of openly supporting the Khalistan movement.

As Karnataka releases final copy of revised history textbook, Congress and Leftists join hands to launch protests alleging ‘saffronisation’

Even the Campus Front of India, has already begun mobilising people against the decision of the BJP government.

Bhagat Singh and Savarkar: Did they really hate each other as we are made to believe

The leftists want us to believe that Bhagat Singh and Veer Savarkar hated each other, but history has a different tale to tell.

Did you know: President of Congress was a permanent member of Jallianwala Bagh Trust before Modi govt brought in amendment

Congress MP Shashi Tharoor had alleged that the bill was a “denial of the heritage of the country” when the amendment bill was tabled.

Kerala Assembly Speaker compares genocidal Islamist responsible for Moplah Massacre to Bhagat Singh

Kerala Assembly Speaker MB Rajesh compared the person who led the Moplah Massacre of Hindus to Bhagat Singh.

‘Body remained suspended for an hour until life was ascertained to be extinct’: death certificate of Bhagat Singh surfaces on Shaheed Diwas

Until 2018, India did not have any traces of the death certificate of Bhagat Singh as it was all lying in Pakistan's custody

Fact Check: Did a Muslim lawyer represent Bhagat Singh and a ‘Brahmin RSS’ man fought for the British against him?

Many social media posts and forwards are claiming that a 'Brahmin' RSS lawyer had fought for the British against Bhagat Singh.

Class 8 textbook published by Maharashtra govt replaces freedom fighter Sukhdev with Kurban Hussain, probe ordered

Maharashtra govt's textbook says Kurban Hussain was hanged alongside Bhagat Singh and Rajguru, bot Sukhdev

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