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Arvind Kejriwal tries to rewrite history while returning to Tihar, says he is going to prison to save the country like Bhagat Singh

Bhagat Singh's grandson Yadvinder Sandhu earlier objected to drawing a comparison between Kejriwal and his grandfather.

On 2nd June, Delhi Chief Minister and Aam Aadmi Party’s (AAP) supremo Arvind Kejriwal surrendered at Tihar Jail as directed by the Supreme Court of India while granting him interim bail to campaign during Lok Sabha Elections 2024. Announcing that he would surrender at Tihar, Kejriwal claimed that he was going to prison to save the country.

He compared himself with the freedom fighters, specifically with Sardar Bhagat Singh and said being “son of Bhagat Singh” it is an honour for him to go to jail to save the country. He quoted Bhagat Singh saying that the revolutionary had said it was essential to go to jail against a dictator and he (Kejriwal) was doing the same.

Notably, Kejriwal and his counsel tried their level best to extend the interim bail for 7 days claiming Kejriwal needed some medical tests to be done which would take a week. However, the Supreme Court as well as the Rouse Avenue Court did not extend the interim bail. Bhagat Singh never tried to remain out of prison throughout his life on medical grounds. It is unclear which misleading history Kejriwal went through while trying to stay out of jail. Notably, he also used his family as a prop to push the narrative that he was going on some battle.

Furthermore, the notion that he was going to jail to save the nation is flawed in itself as he is accused of the Delhi Excise Policy Scam. Enforcement Directorate has informed the court that they have evidence Kejriwal was involved in the alleged scam. Kejriwal’s associates including former deputy chief minister of Delhi Manish Sisodia and others are already in jail in the same case and they have been denied bail repeatedly.

Kejriwal’s statement that he was going to jail to “save the country” is not only misleading but also an attempt to manipulate public sentiment. He wanted to insinuate the narrative that he was being forced to go to jail because he was doing something good, which is not the case. Unlike freedom fighters such as Sardar Bhagat Singh, who were imprisoned for their selfless struggle against colonial oppression, Kejriwal’s surrender at Tihar Jail is linked to the allegations of corruption in the Delhi Liquor Scam.

Bhagat Singh’s incarceration was a testament to his commitment to India’s independence. It was a far cry from Kejriwal’s current predicament that revolves around serious allegations of money laundering. Comparing himself to a freedom fighter in this context is not just an overstatement but it also undermines the true sacrifices made by historical figures who genuinely fought for the nation’s freedom.

Bhagat Singh’s grandson Yadvinder Sandhu earlier objected to drawing a comparison between Kejriwal and his grandfather. Yadvinder Sandhu, who is the grandson of a freedom fighter’s younger brother, released a video message criticising AAP for placing a fake image of ‘jailed Kejriwal’ alongside freedom fighters. He said, “I watched a video of Sunita Kejriwal that caused us immense distress and displeasure because it attempted to equate Arvind Kejriwal to the two great leaders, Bhagat Singh and BR Amdebdar by placing his portrait next to theirs. We believe it was inappropriate. All I want to say is that it was wrong for the Aam Aadmi Party to do such a thing. Moreover, no politician should ever draw comparisons between themselves and BR Ambedkar or Bhagat Singh. Keep the politics to yourself only and there is no problem with it.”

He further mentioned, “However, avoid comparing oneself with such prominent individuals. All we can do is endeavour to tread their path. Responses are coming in from throughout India. The comparison of Arvind Kejriwal with Bhagat Singh and BR Amdebdar has infuriated a lot of their followers. It was unacceptable to the people. I’ll caution the Aam Aadmi Party not to repeat it in the future.”

Moreover, the argument that Kejriwal is somehow martyring himself to protect the country is fundamentally flawed. It has to be noted that the apex court has refused to extend his interim bail, despite claims made that he needed medical attention because he suddenly lost “7 KG weight”. On the contrary, Bhagat Singh and other freedom fighters went on over 100 days of hunger strike in jail to get their demands fulfilled. Comparing such historic figures with someone who is accused of money laundering is no less than insulting the freedom fighters.  

It is further notable that the Supreme Court had categorically ordered him not to speak about the case while he was on interim bail, but Kejriwal consistently claimed he was innocent and the case against him was fabricated. The question arises how can someone who does not respect the highest court of the country compare himself to the revolutionaries who gave their lives for the freedom of the nation?

Ayodhra Ram Mandir special coverage by OpIndia

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