Thursday, July 7, 2022


Bharat Mata

Gujarat: Bharat Mata Mandir inaugurated in Gandhinagar, deputy CM Nitin Patel says highways and bridges to have posters of Bharat Mata

A Bharat Mata Mandir was consecrated in Gujarat's capital, Gandhinagar, on Friday in presence of deputy CM Nitin Patel, and several other dignitaries

Christian group files complaint against Bharat Mata statue in Kanyakumari, advocate counters, sends notice to DC warning legal action if statue removed

All India Christian Development Army files complaint against Bharat Mata statue in Kanyakumari alleging disruption of communal harmony

Kanyakumari: Villagers perform Bharat Mata puja after local Hindu groups and RSS obtain collector’s order to reinstate the statue

The Kanyakumari Police had covered the Bharat Mata statue after a Christian Missionary group had alleged that the statue had hurt their "religious sentiments"

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