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Amnesty’s anti-Modi Aakar Patel supports riot accused Umar Khalid: History of biases and compromising democracy to achieve favourable outcomes

Aakar Patel posted in support of Umar Khalid, declaring that “locking up a man indefinitely without conviction is not democracy it’s tyranny.” 

The Guardian accuses OpIndia of ‘attacking’ their journalist, here is our response decoding their discomfort

On Friday, my phone buzzed to an incoming email from The Guardian, the subject of which was 'Guardian reporter Aina J Khan'.

As news portal Lallantop hires Nupoor Patel ahead of Gujarat assembly elections, activist exposes her links to AAP

Activist Ankur Singh on Tuesday exposed connection between Lallantop reporter Nupoor Patel and AAP.

Times of India columnist romanticises ‘Muslim tailors’ hiding their religious identity, what gives?

This kind of romanticising of criminal behaviour only makes it worse for rest of the Indian Muslims as it increases the distrust level. 'Liberals' are the worst allies Indian Muslims have.

Twitter suspends account of ‘Stories of Bengali Hindus’ for sharing ignored stories of the trauma faced by persecuted Bengali Hindus

Twitter has once again singled out and suspended a non-left Twitter account named @storiesofBHs which shares attacks on Bengali Hindus

Twitter arbitrarily removes ‘blue tick’ verification from account of Vice President M Venkaiah Naidu, restores after backlash

Twitter has unverified Vice President Venkaiah Naidu from its platform by removing "blue tick" from his personal account.

“Indian variant” is a repeat of how the world changed Hitler’s “hooked cross” to “Swastika”

From America to Europe to Australia, no human being on the face of this earth is safe. Because the "Indian variant" is coming for everyone.

Congress orders, Twitter follows: A day after letter, tweet with toolkit images marked as ‘manipulated media’. What it means

On Thursday, the Congress party had shot a letter to Twitter seeking permanent suspension of the accounts of BJP president JP Nadda, Union minister Smriti Irani, and BJP leaders Sambit Patra and BL Santosh for sharing the document they alleged was 'forged'.

Sushant Singh Rajput fans vs Wikipedia: Here is what they want and how founder Jimmy Wales flat out refuses

Netizens have launched a campaign to remove the 'suicide' claim from Wikipedia article on Sushant Singh Rajput as his death is under CBI probe

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