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A group of 81 former civil servants that compromise of defence personnel, judges, academicians and professionals, led by former Delhi Police Commissioner R S Gupta raised concerns about this lobby trying to influence the Election Commission in taking anti-Modi steps to 'conform to a particular line of thought and behaviour'
After restricting one video, YouTube deletes another video from a 3-video series by Rivaldo on Kashmir propaganda and terrorism
Retweets on tweets of many right-wing Twitter users seen coming down rapidaly
Twitter has been accused of silencing right wing voices by either blocking them or shadow banning them, thereby limiting their reach.
An organisation named Youth for Social Media Democracy (YSMD), which has a right-of-centre ideological leaning conducted a silent protest from Delhi's Saket to Lado Sarai where the regional office of Twitter is situated.
Earlier, too, has fudged up data to show that more Muslims are victims of 'hate-crime' than Hindus
How badly do liberals want to hurt India? How far would they go in their hatred and hypocrisy?
There has been a recent storm brewing on Twitter where several right-leaning commentators are vexed about the increasing display of political bias by the platform. Earlier, Twitter CEO had admitted that its employees have a left-leaning bias. And repeated suspensions of right-leaning accounts have only strengthened the suspicion that Twitter is selectively targeting based on ideology. Today, a popular right-leaning spoof maker, @Spook_Junkie was suspended for inexplicable reasons. This had angered many who questioned the basis of this bias. Post the suspension, several right-leaning handles started looking for the root of this political bias. They dug up many tweets of Mahima...
He says that it was owing to the mass circulation of misrepresentation that he started getting threatening calls
Perhaps it is time 'factchecker' starts taking its name a little more seriously
Twitter is constantly struggling to maintaining the balance between freedom of speech and censorship
93 year old former Prime Minister is on his deathbed following a heart attack on 11th August
Congress was in cahoots with the very media that indulges in blatant slander.
Agnivesh's portrayal as some sort of 'sincere Hindu scholar', must be vehemently questioned
One wonders if Facebook will partner with right-wing websites to balance the ideological scale
Their hypocrisy camouflaged as satire is nauseating.
Just take a look at the past decisions and deeds by the election commission of India.
The 'liberals' have given the political party such a long rope, that now it's becoming painfully sanctimonious.
The former NDTV journalist said this while interacting with students at TISS, Mumbai.
Three Ds - disguise, disenchantment, denial - are the quintessential 'qualities' of an Indian pseudo-liberal.
Find out when a reporter should legitimately use anonymous sources in his reportage.
Blinded by hatred, Rajdeep is playing with the fundamentals of journalism
A conference of ‘atheists’ was opposed by various political & religious groups, but The Hindu highlighted only ‘Hindutva’.
A detailed factual rebuttal to a motivated piece
Those whom we thought were Gods, turned out to be mannequins masquerading as Gods.
In Kejriwal Raj, journalists have to tow his line
Top journalists and commentators want 'boycott' of Arnab, but the people appear to be standing with him. Why?
A rebuttal to an article published on website

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