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YouTube finally complies and blocks Dhruv Rathi video in India, but questions still remain as to who tipped him off after govt order

YouTube had failed to comply with govt order as far as one video in that list was concerned, that of Dhruv Rathi

Facebook tried to blackmail Australia, took down Australian govt emergency services and hospital pages to influence new law asking tech giants to pay

Social media giant Facebook deliberately took down several pages of Australian hospitals, emergency services and charities to pressure the country

“Moving On”, Elon Musk’s cryptic tweet sends people guessing about his future plans with Twitter

Social media users are wondering whether Musk will acquire Twitter fully or the Twitter board's 'poison pill' strategy will stop him from succeeding.

Google says it won’t allow anti-Ukraine content to make money, removes ads from article talking about Nazi aspects of Azov Battalion

The tech giant has said that it will not show any ads on pages that has content that in their worldview ‘exploits, dismisses, or condones the war’

Govt of India castigates Twitter for suspending accounts in arbitrary manner, files affidavit in court saying platforms have to be accountable

In an ongoing case in Delhi High Court, the government has filed an affidavit where they have reiterated that social media platforms have to give a fair chance to users, and they cannot be suspending their accounts on flimsy grounds.

Inside Ericsson’s bribery and corruption network in war-torn Iraq, which includes its deals with ISIS terrorists: A comprehensive explainer

A storm has rocked the fate of Swedish Telecom giant Ericsson after an investigation revealed its deals with the terrorist group ISIS when it had gained control of Iraq in 2014.

Twitter bends to Woke mafia, locks account of website ‘The Babylon Bee’ for satire article on transgender Rachel Levine

Twitter has locked the profile of the famous satirical website 'The Babylon Bee' stating violation of rules for promoting 'hateful content'.

Former US President Donald Trump makes a social media comeback on ‘Truth Social’

After facing a ban on almost all social media platforms, former POTUS Donald Trump is expected to return on his own social media platform "Truth Social".

CCI set to investigate Google after digital news publishers allege abuse of dominance in ad revenue share

The Competition Commission of India will be setting up a probe against Google India after backlash from news portals demanding fair ad revenue share

The Big Tech propaganda on the Kyle Rittenhouse trial: Why India should be wary of social media giants furthering ‘liberal’ agenda

The Kyle Rittenhouse trial centered around self-defense and gun rights was one of the most discussed cases in the USA.

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