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‘We live in a world where Taliban has a huge presence on Twitter’: Former US Pres Donald Trump announces own social media app ‘TRUTH...

TRUTH Social will be released for Beta testing in November and its nationwide release expected in first quarter of 2022

Can Big Tech interfere in India’s 2024 elections? What it has done in the USA, the risks and what the Indian govt must do

Twitter began with small measures such as shadow banning Trump supporters and suppression of tweets covertly, and in time, they escalated

Twitter locks Ravi Shankar Prasad’s account amidst tussle with Indian Govt, IT Minister accuses platform of violating more laws: Details

Union Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad posted a tweet saying something highly peculiar happened to his Twitter account.

Twitter to appoint Chief Compliance Officer in a week, says will obey new IT rules

Twitter added that they will provide additional details with respect to new IT rules in a week.

Russian court fines Twitter for failing to delete illegal content including child pornography and drug abuse

Twitter was penalised in April too. It was slowed down by the Roskomnadzor for failing to delete over 3000 posts related to banned-illegal content.

Google’s Corporate Communications Director shares derogatory posts against PM Modi. Not the first ‘big-tech’ employee to do so. Read details

Google's Corporate Communication director openly showcased her hatred against PM Modi in derogatory Facebook and Twitter posts.

As Twitter versus Indian Govt heats up, Florida Governor signs law to hold Big Tech accountable: Here is what the law says

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is quickly emerging as a favourite among Republicans in the United States of America.

Twitter, Facebook fail to comply with new social media rules issued by govt, may be liable for criminal action

Social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and others have failed to comply with the new legal rules issued by the government.

Black Lives Matter, a Facebook post and how I got censored: Big Tech, freedom of speech and the overall hypocrisy of the Ultra Left

On 11 February 2021, my Facebook account of 13 years was disabled without reason and it is time we talk about the Ultra Left's hypocrisy

Facebook Oversight Board upholds the ban on Donald Trump, but questions its permanent nature saying it is a ‘vague, standardless penalty’

Facebook Oversight Board said that Donald Trump violated the norms of the platform, but permanent ban is not consistent with regular penalties

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