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Gujarat govt officer threatens to curse state with drought if he is not given Rs 16 lakh salary and gratuity, calls self Kalki avatar

Referring to govt employees as 'demons' Rameshchandra Fefar claimed that he will unleash drought if his salary is withheld.

Porn-racket accused Gehana Vasisth, Congress supporter Flynn Remedios and heart attack treatments at Raksha Hospital: The Theatre of Absurd

Gehana Vasisth has survived four heart attacks, drugs cocktail and electric shock treatment, as per her doctor at Raksha Hospital and publicist Flynn Remedios

The benign gibberish on AajTak: How a clueless anchor and a clueless journalist discussed how clueless they are

Since no news channel seem to have any prior information about the PM's message, Aaj Tak probably decided to share random sentences repeatedly.

“Coronavirus sleeps when your sleep and dies with your death”: Pakistani Maulana makes bizarre claims while attacking PM Imran Khan

Pakistani Maulana claims Imran Khan govt is labeling deaths due to heart and liver ailments as Coronavirus death to create fear

Pakistan, drinking pigeon sh*t slurry won’t cure coronavirus, leave the kabootars alone!

Recently, a preacher, Peer Pinjar Sarkar, in Pakistan claimed that drinking pigeon poop mixed in water is a sure shot cure for coronavirus.

Surat: Bride and groom’s parents who had ran away in January, elope yet again

Earlier in January, the groom’s father and bride’s mother had eloped away days before their children’s marriage

Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan calls for a cabinet meeting over increased prices of ‘Roti’ and ‘Naan’

Pakistan government also shared a video of the above cabinet meeting deciding prices of roti and naan on Twitter. 

Rahul Gandhi wants to get rid of his name. Here is why

The curse of being Rahul Gandhi.

Frustrated with him looking like Rahul Gandhi, Rahul look-alike puts on weight to look different. Not satire

If you thought life was tough as Rahul Gandhi, imagine living a life looking like Rahul Gandhi

TMC workers spray perfume on EVM button, smell voters’ fingers to verify whether they voted for the party

According to Anandabazar Patrika, TMC workers sprayed perfume on EVM button and were sniffing fingers of voters to check if they voted for TMC

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