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Porn-racket accused Gehana Vasisth, Congress supporter Flynn Remedios and heart attack treatments at Raksha Hospital: The Theatre of Absurd

Gehana Vasisth has survived four heart attacks, drugs cocktail and electric shock treatment, as per her doctor at Raksha Hospital and publicist Flynn Remedios

Remember when the professional protestors and propagandists had inadvertently shared a dubious website to prove that ‘Rafale’ was a scam? And Rs 35 lakh for Yoga video of PM Modi rumour-mongering by the celebrity trolls? Our old friend Flynn Remedios, the pro-Congress fake news peddler, who appears to be behind a series of websites which publish mostly soft-porn articles and semi-nude ‘leaked’ images of actresses, is back. This time when television actress Gehana Vasisth is arrested on allegation of shooting and uploading pornography.

Gehana Vasisth porn scandal and Flynn Remedios

Earlier this week, Gehana Vasisth was arrested by Mumbai Crime Branch for allegedly shooting and uploading porn. A day later, her ‘publicist and legal affairs head’ Flynn Remedios issued a ‘statement’. As per media reports, he claimed that Gehana has suffered 4 cardiac arrests in past 1 year and is also asthmatic. He claimed that she was not a criminal as she had only ‘shot erotica’ and it is not pornographic. “She is not at all involved in the alleged porn racket run by others,” he claimed.

Gehana and 2019 healthscare and ‘electric shocks’

Remedios had further claimed that she was on ventilator for a week in November 2019. The 2019 report on her hospitalisation was by news agency IANS, based on ‘sources’ and was eventually picked up by multiple media houses. As per the report, she was treated by one Dr Pranav Kabra of Raksha Multi-speciality hospital in Malad. One report claimed she had cardiac arrest possibly due to adverse reaction between prescription drugs and certain energy drinks consumed by her and other claimed she had serious case of diabetes related complications. As per her doctor, she had ‘diabetic keto-acidosis’ (DK). Both these reports for same ‘ventilator’ period cited same Dr Kabra from Raksha hospital. Dr Kabra even said he gave her ‘electric shock’ treatment to save her.

So Gehana was on ventilator for dual health crisis of cardiac arrest due to prescription drugs and energy drink cocktail *AND* diabetic keto-acidosis, both at the same time. She not only survived this, but as per her publicist, Flynn Remedios, she survived THREE MORE cardiac arrests in just one year. She then went on to shoot erotica and got involved in a porn racket.

Apparently, Raksha Hospital in Malad is a go-to place for those who suffer from 4 cardiac arrests in one year. A September 2018 report cited one ‘research’ conducted by Raksha Hospital in Malad where they allegedly ‘treated’ cardiac problems amongst youth in Malwani area. It gave an example of a 16-year-old juvenile one Amjad Khan who suffered ‘four minor heart attacks’ in one year due to substance abuse.

Raksha Hospital, Malad – go-to place for people who suffer 4 cardiac arrests in one year.

The report also cited Dr Pranav Kabra, who also treated Gehana also heads this ‘department’ within Raksha Hospital. Apparently, the hospital used to get 70-100 cardiac cases a month back in September 2018.

You know who else was admitted to Raksha Hospital after suffering a ‘mild heart attack’? ‘Legless dancer’ Vinod Thakur of India’s Got Talent fame. On 28th April, 2018, he reportedly ‘collapsed’ while he was on his way to Mumbai’s Gateway of India and was immediately admitted to Raksha Hospital in Malad under care of Dr Pranav Kabra.

Flynn Remedios strikes again

So, Flynn Remedios was spokesperson for Vinod Thakur too and Thakur was treated at Raksha Hospital for ‘mild cardiac arrest’. Thakur was also put on ventilator. Flynn is also publicist of Gehana who also was put on ventilator after two different health crisis struck her, including a cardiac arrest, in November 2019 at same Raksha Hospital. Raksha Hospital also is a preferred destination for 16-year-old drug addicts with multiple heart attacks.

Dr Kabra is also a COVID-19 expert.

Dr Pranav Kabra

The above article was published in August 2020 in one website called ‘goatoday’ which heaped praises on Dr Kabra for curing every coronavirus patient and also being a COVID-19 expert. Goatoday also reported how Flynn Remedios had tested positive for coronavirus and was ‘being treated’ at an unnamed private hospital in Malad. Goa Today is one such website which regularly reports on Flynn Remedios.

OpIndia tried to get in touch with Raksha Hospital and Dr Kabra, who was ‘out of town’ as per the lady who answered the call. We shall be able to tell more on her multiple miraculous escapes from jaws of death once we hear back from the doctor.

Flynn Remedios and dubious websites reporting on Gehana Vasisth

One dubious website “indyatv” on February 2, 2021 claimed that she was cheated of Rs 90 lakh by one broker from Malwani who claimed to be gangster Dawood Ibrahim’s relatives. Apparently, one Wasim Moinuddin Shaikh of Malad was named as an accused as per the indyatv report.

“The broker Wasim Mainuddin Shaikh, his wife and mother and the illegal occupant Ansari Rukhsana Mohammad Zahid and her son threatened to rape Gehana Vasisth and kill her if she demanded possession of her flat. They claimed they were related to fugitive criminal and underworld don Dawood Ibrahim and that the flat now belonged to them and that Gehana Vasisth should forget about her flat and never step foot in the building again or else she would be raped and killed and her body dumped at the bottom of the Malwani creek, where it would never be found,” the report claimed.

The report even cited Maharashtra Cabinet Minister and Congress leader Aslam Shaikh. Apparently Wasim and others had not only claimed that they were related to Dawood but also to Aslam Shaikh. Indyatv report had cited Congress leader who had claimed he does not ‘support or help such illegal and fraudulent people’.

Interestingly, the same article, appeared on Flynn Remedios’ website, “IndiaScoops“. The same website which was used as primary source of ‘Rafale scam’ by then Congress IT cell head Divya Spandana and Supreme Court lawyer like Prashant Bhushan amongst others. Another website which reported on same was one, which had copied Indyatv report verbatim, crediting it for the news.

Indyatv and Asiaonline have zero details about who runs these portals. However, both these portals have quite similar stories on same set of people. While AsiaOnline was last updated in September 2020 before the post on Gehana’s alleged tryst with Dawood’s buddies, Indyatv regularly updates Arshi Khan updates along with stories on allegations of rapes by budding actresses and model.

Flynn Remedios, who also posed as Arshi Khan’s publicist, also used to regularly upload IndiaScoops with similar stories on rapes, leaked nudes, sex scandals, which may or may not have happened.

Oh, and Flynn also writes for AsiaOnline, where he identifies himself as ‘journalist’.

OpIndia has tried to reach out to Malwani Police station but were unable to get through. As of now, we are not sure if this report is authentic.

Considering the new information that has come to the fore, OpIndia even tried to reach out to Mumbai Police Crime Branch to confirm Gehana’s arrest but has not been able to confirm.

Flynn Remedios-esque modus operandi

When OpIndia exposed how the fake news website IndiaScoops, we had revealed how its Facebook page was originally an Arshi Khan (model/actress and reality show contestant and Congress leader) fan page.

IndiaScoops Facebook page

Similarly, Indyatv’s Facebook page was previously one ‘Shrutika Gaokar fanpage.

Indyatv Facebook page

The page has many ‘likes’ by one “Franklyn Remedios”, who has been a ‘journalist’ and has quite few similar interests as Flynn Remedios.

This is all we know so far and only as much we could afford to spend time on someone like Remedios. We shall bring in more once we figure out this circus of absurd.

Ayodhra Ram Mandir special coverage by OpIndia

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