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He expressed happiness at having stabbed his professor to death.
Another social media user had also pleaded guilty and a sentencing hearing would be held on Monday. Two others had to plead not guilty and were being held without bail. All four were charged under laws against causing racial disharmony, incitement and misusing communications networks.
The court held that Rangaswamy opined on Prophet Muhammad and his family after reading relevant history and no outright derogatory or slanderous comments were made
Australian Muslim scholar Imam Tawhidi and Ensaf Haider, wife of jailed Saudi dissident Raif Badawi received notices from Twitter
SC has rebuked the complainants saying that they have no other job but to file FIR against a film song
One waits for the world to wake up to the gross human rights violations happened right under the world's nose. 
According to Indonesia's law, any person who deliberately abuses a religion in public may be sentenced to up to five years in prison.
The accused in the past have allegedly mocked other religions as well are self-proclaimed atheists and rationalists.
The Congress and the Left are anything but the harbingers of Freedom of Expression
Local media reports suggest that police had to run away after seeing the angry mob.
A look at the reactions by the media and 'intellectuals' is enough to conclude that Hindu Lives Don't Matter.
Four reasons why the liberals don’t have the courage to take on Islamic extremism.
Basirhat in West Bengal is boiling for the past couple of days after a Facebook post offended Muslims
Union Home Ministry has directed the state government to submit a report on the communal riots.
An anti-terrorism court (ATC) in Pakistan has awarded the sentence to the accused.
Police had already arrested the man on charges of blasphemy, but the mob wanted to punish him.
My friend told me that removing IPC 295(A) is idealistic and won’t help Hindus. I tried to reason.
A 21-year-old man in Mumbai was arrested over a Facebook post, but mob wanted instant justice.
The 31-year-old man could face up to 7 years in jail followed with deportation from the country.
The complainants are however not yet satisfied and want the restaurant to be closed down.
Is nation greater or religion for the "FoEktards"

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