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Pakistan: How good deed of Christian man Nazir Masih led to his lynching by Islamists over ‘blasphemy’

The victim's nephew Sajid told Swarajya, "My uncle was only trying to do a good deed by cleaning the street, but see what it did to him."

UK govt realises teachers need protection from ‘blasphemy’ allegations: The threat of Islamist violence is already a reality in Europe

The commission was chaired by the advisor on political violence and disruption, Lord Walney. In the report, the commission has put forth recommendations to ensure teachers freely and legally practice their freedom of expression.

Violence in Pakistan: Mob tortures man, goes on rampage over alleged desecration of Quran in Sargodha

A vengeful crowd in the Mujahid Colony area of Sargodha in Pakistan attacked and vandalized a man's house in retaliation for an alleged blasphemy incident.

Exclusive: Pakistani Christian activist gets STSJ threats after Islamists falsely accuse him of blasphemy, victim speaks to OpIndia from Thailand

TLP announced a reward of 20 million PKR for Muslims willing to travel to Thailand and murder the family of Faraz Pervaiz.

Is Bangladesh becoming new Pakistan? Hindu girl sentenced to 5 years in jail over accusation of ‘blasphemy’

OpIndia reported in 2020 that the Hindu woman had gone missing after being accused of 'hurting religious sentiments.' Islamists had alleged that Sarkar made derogatory remarks against Islam and the Prophet Muhammad.

Justice Surya Kant, who held Nupur Sharma ‘single handedly responsible’ for murders committed by Jihadis, now says free speech is sacrosanct, must be ‘zealously...

The bench where Justice Surya Kant was a part of, infamously remarked, “Her loose tongue has set the entire country on fire," and blamed Nupur Sharma for the crimes committed by Islamists.

As an Indian Ex-Muslim petitions SC to be excluded from Sharia law, this is what Islam says about Ex-Muslims

As per the Islamic law, when a Muslim-born individual becomes a disbeliever of the religion, it is referred to as apostasy in Islam. Any individual who is found showing disbelief in Islam is to be executed.

Persecution of minorities continues in Bangladesh, Hindu man charged with ‘blasphemy’ for sharing song about Lalon ‘Fakir’

Sanjoy Rakhit was arrested from his residence under Section 54 of The Code of Criminal Procedure in Bangladesh, which allows for arrest without a warrant.

Pakistan: 22-year-old student sentenced to death for blasphemy against the Prophet, another 17-year-old student gets life imprisonment in same case

The cybercrime unit of Pakistan's Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) in Lahore filed a complaint against the student in 2022 on blasphemy charges.

Pakistani experts ‘analyse’ Arabic text on a woman’s dress over ‘blasphemy’ allegations, discuss punishments despite confirmation that it was just random words

It happens only in Pakistan, that people are subjected to harassment, violence, Sar Tan Se Juda threats and mob lynching over mere suspicion and even baseless claims.

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