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Gurdaspur lynching case: Army man Deepak Singh was brought back to the Gurdwara to kill him alleging blasphemy, sixth accused arrested

CCTV footage shows Army Man Deepak Singh had left the Gurdwara, but the accused had brought him back on a motorcycle to kill him

Benedetta: Movie about lesbian nuns with racy sex scenes gets into trouble over accusations of blasphemy

A particular scene from Benedetta, where a wooden statue of the Virgin Mary is being used as a sex toy, especially miffed some people.

Gurdaspur police reject ‘blasphemy’ angle in Army man lynching case in a Gurudwara in Punjab

Gurdaspur police said there was no 'blasphemy' angle in Army personnel lynching case.

Maharashtra: Muslim organisations want special law to punish ‘insults’ against Muhammad, even when 295(a) was brought for the same reason

VBA and Muslims bodies want strict blasphemy law in India to punish those who 'insult' Prophet Muhammad, though the existing section 295(a) was introduced for the very same reason.

Murder of Army personnel in Gurdwara over alleged blasphemy: Radicals continue to justify the crime, demand strict law against disrespect of religion

Republic Day riots accused Deep Sidhu and others support Daljit, accused of killing army man Deepak Singh for alleged blasphemy in Gurdwara

Morocco court sentences 23-year-old woman for three and a half years for insulting Quran, Islam

The lady reportedly distorted Surat Al Kawthar from the Quran, changing its name to something that was allegedly provocative.

Pakistani clothing brand apologises after sharing morphed picture of Hindu God, Hindu rights activist determined to take legal action

'Hindu Samata' said that leading Pakistani womenswear brand, Generation, had mocked Hinduism through a morphed image. An apology was issued.

Kerala’s Vishnu Dev Radhakrishnan has been jailed in Saudi Arabia on ‘blasphemy’ charges, his family pleads for help

On June 7, 2018, Vishnu Dev was arrested by the police on the grounds of 'misusing social media' and for hurting the religious and national sentiments in Saudi Arabia under strict blasphemy laws.

Pakistan: Radical mob attacks police station to lynch a blasphemy accused

Fearing danger to the life of the suspect, the cops shifted him to an undisclosed location and kept him under tight security.

Pakistan: Muslim man poses as Sikh to give hateful statements against France, European Sikh leaders angry

As per the TOI report, the man who goes by the name Qasam Dogar is on the payrolls of Pakistan’s pro Khalistani leader Gopal Singh Chawla.

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