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Brazil: Woman brings dead body of her uncle to bank and tries to make the corpse sign off on a loan

The woman in Brazil tried to control the dead man's head and make him clasp the pen with which to make the signature on loan document.

Elon Musk refuses to comply with orders by Brazil’s Supreme Court, says X will risk ban in the country to stand for free speech

Neither Musk, X, nor Brazilian authorities have revealed whose social media accounts were ordered to be closed.

Meta banned from using the company name “Meta” in Brazil

The court in Sao Paulo ruled that Meta will have to pay 100,000 reais ($20,201) per day if it fails to comply with the decision within 30 days.

Brazilian President Lula declared persona non grata in Israel after he compares situation in Gaza to Holocaust: Major diplomatic standoff ensues

Brazil's ambassador to Israel Frederico Meyer was called to the Holocaust memorial Yad Vashem in Jerusalem by the Israeli government and was given what can be called as a 'formal reprimand' over Lula's comments.

The Philippines, Brazil, and Egypt show interest in the Akash air defence missile system after Armenia’s order

The Akash missile is a DRDO-developed system and has been in service for over a decade now with multiple advanced versions of the missile under development by the Akash Team.

G20 summit: PM Modi launches Global Biofuels Alliance along with US, Brazil and 6 other nations. Here is what you need to know

'Global Biofuels Alliance' is meant to accelerate the worldwide use of biofuels by facilitating technology advancements and technology transfer.

PM Modi hands over G20 presidency gavel to Brazil President Lula da Silva

In his statement, PM Modi said, "I give my best wishes to Brazil's President and my friend Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva and hand over the presidency gavel to him."

‘John of God’: How the celebrity ‘faith healer’ once promoted by Oprah ended up with a 370-year prison sentence after 600 accusations of sexual...

John of God is a self-styled Brazilian faith healer. His legacy of sexual crimes, abuse, deception, and child trafficking was unearthed in 2018.

Brazilian social media star says her two ‘husbands’ cured her depression, wants to add one more to the mix

A Brazilian social media star claims she beat depression by having two partners and is open to take one more.

Brazil: Jair Bolsonaro’s supporters ransack govt buildings, President Lula accuses Bolsanaro of inciting ‘fascists’: All you need to know about Brazil riots

Hundreds of supporters of ex-president of Brazil Jair Bolsonaro broke through police barricades, climbed on roofs, smashed windows and stormed into Congress, the presidential palace and the Supreme Court.

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