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British Royals

Prince Harry is ‘frightened’ of his wife Meghan Markle, claims royal biographer; calls her ‘really scary’

Prince Harry is frightened of Meghan Markle, royal biographer Angela Levin claimed, adding that he is nervous when around his wife.

British Royal Family remains ‘united’ even after Harry and Meghan Netflix docuseries release

Arthur Edwards, a longtime royal photographer, recently told Page Six that Harry may say whatever he wants, but that "it won't change anything" for the family.

Netizens fume after Meghan Markle mocks Queen Elizabeth II with an exaggerated curtsy, insults royal family traditions in Netflix show

In the controversial new Netflix show, Meghan Markle is seen mocking curtsy to late Queen Elizabeth II.

Was Queen Elizabeth 2, head of the Church of England, a descendant of Prophet Muhammad?

Several claims trace the ancestry of Queen Elizabeth II back to the founding father of Islam, Prophet Muhammad.

PM Modi tweets about the unusual gift that MK Gandhi gave Queen Elizabeth II when she got married: Here is why the gift was...

In an article published in The Telegraph, Pamela Hicks, the daughter of Lord Mountbatten, the last governor-general of India, had mentioned the 'gift' sent by MK Gandhi for Elizabeth's wedding.

Nehru and Edwina’s secret: UK govt wants to bury Mountbatten documents, spending over 600,000 pounds to protect them

An author named Andrew Lownie has demanded to see those documents and the British government wants to prevent the author from accessing those. The UK government fears that if made public, those documents can damage the relationship between India, Pakistan and the UK.

Joe Biden let out a ‘yuge’ fart and Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall cannot stop talking about it: Details

Joe Biden let out a huge fart during a conversation with Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall at the COP26 in Glasgow.

As #DefundTheBBC trends, here are the lies that BBC journalist Martin Bashir told Princess Diana to land the 1995 interview

Inquiry committee set up by BBC finds that its journalist Martin Bashir had used deceit to secure an interview with Princess Diana in 1995

BBC journalist deceived Princess Diana to secure famous 1995 interview, says inquiry committee: BBC apologises

The inquiry by Judge Dyson has found that Bashir, then a small-time reporter, had shown Spencer fake bank statements claiming that Diana was under surveillance by the security services and that they were being paid to provide information about her.

Punjab: Lawyer files petition against ‘Prince Harry Middleton’ for not marrying her despite ’email promise’

The petitioner had also claimed that she had sent social media messages to Prince Harry's father Prince Charles, claiming that she is engaged to his son.

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