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If we do not learn to tame the wild beast that social media is, there may be devastating consequences
Sanjiv Kapoor, Chief Strategy & Commercial Officer, and Deepa Chadha, Senior Vice President – Human Resources & Corporate Affairs or Air Vistara visited Maj. Gen. Bakshi and tendered an official apology
Bowing down to the pressure of the bullies masquerading as liberals, Air Vistara has deleted the picture. 
'Liberals' decide to switch loyalties to another airline after Air Vistara feels honoured to have Major Gen G D Bakshi onboard
Mallika Dua unblocks Sona Mohapatra to taunt her and shame the victim who had accused her father of molestation, and then blocks her again
The Skin Doctor had earlier filed a police complaint on misrepresentation and breach of privacy.
The game is like Blue Whale Challenge that was a rage till last year, except deadlier
It is very common for so-called liberals to go after the livelihood of those who disagree with them.
Perhaps the flagbearers of freedom of speech only like to speak their minds, but don't like to listen to what is on others' minds.
What next? Congress Prime Ministerial candidate to speak on 'artificial intelligence'?
The victim has shown courage for standing up against one of the most powerful organisations of the country.
Ranganathan reminds the journalists' fraternity on how to be a decent human being.
Earlier, TMC MP Derek O'Brien had also target-bullied individuals from inside the Parliament.
He used the usual shoot and scoot tactic to spread fake news and rumours.
Show of solidarity of media persons for Republic TV journalist is well appreciated.
'Liberals' resort to wishing ill for children just because they don't agree with parents' views.
Shehla Rashid bullies a reporter, media fraternity calls her out.
After media ganged up to make a villain out of him, Randeep Hooda hits back.
Jhanvi Behal became a victim of cyberbullying for expressing her views.

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