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UK: Deputy PM Dominic Raab tenders resignation over bullying allegations

Allegations surfaced about Raab in November, with former staff claiming he created a "culture of fear" in their departments.

Indian origin boy faces harsher punishment even after being assaulted and choked in US school, bully’s influential father accused of manipulating school decision

False narrative is being run on social media to discredit Shaan Pritmani as the initiator of the altercation.

How online bullying of Vikram Sampath over bogus allegations of plagiarism is an attempt by the Left to whitewash its falsehoods on Veer Savarkar

A concerted online campaign is underway targeting renowned historian Vikram Sampath for his two-volume biography of Veer Savarkar.

Vikramaditya Sahai, NCERT and woke propaganda: How LGBT activists are calling legitimate criticism of a public figure ‘transphobia’

Vikramaditya Sahai was on the team that produced the NCERT training manual. LGBT activists are now call criticism 'transphobia'.

Sushant Singh’s Team Saath again accused of targeted harassment and online bullying, hounds Twitter user for expressing opinion

Responding to @Being_Humour's tweet, Team Saath had labelled the response as 'harassment of a woman' just because the handle Khushboo Khan was apparently a female, and reported the tweet, tagging Twitter's online safety handle alleging that @Being_Humour has been "trolling and harassing women".

Former Wikimedia Foundation staff with autism calls out ‘bullies who run it’, accusations of ‘toxic work culture’ surface

Wikimedia former staffer James Hare claimed he was bullied at workplace and found support from others after he revealed the same.

Twitter suspends Oxford student Rashmi Samant’s account citing her age, restores it later with temporary restrictions

Currently, her account is temporarily restricted and Twitter has attached a warning to her account saying that there has been some unusual activity from Rashmi Samant's account.

Rashmi Samant, president-elect of Oxford Student Union resigns after online attacks over her Hindu roots and old social media posts

An Oxford University staff member dragged Rashmi's parents in the controversy, using their display picture which had Lord Ram's photo.

Exclusive: NCPCR initiates action against pro-AAP YouTuber Dhruv Rathee for illegally obtaining IP location of a minor

NCPCR wrote to Twitter to take appropriate action against Rathee and sought details within seven days.

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