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burial rites

Atiq Ahmed and Ashraf Ahmed buried in Prayagraj, Atiq’s wife Shaista Parveen does not attend amid speculations of surrender

Atiq Ahmed and Ashraf Ahmed were buried in Kasari Masari cemetery of Prayagraj, Atiq’s wife Shaista Parveen was speculated to be present, but she didn't arrive

Karnataka, Mandya villagers protest after DC Ziyaullah allocates land to Muslim burial ground despite no Muslim population in 15 nearby villages: Reports

A new controversy has erupted in Karnataka's Mandya over sanctioning an illegal Muslim cemetery in Hosa Budhanoor village despite the absence of any Muslim population in the surrounding villages.

When Paris was overwhelmed with decomposed human corpses and ran out of burial places: The story of the Catacombs

The Catacombs of Paris are the image of a scary world of the dead beneath the city of lights. Six to seven million human skeletons are stored there, stacked up in underground tunnels.

Hart Island: Once a psychiatric institution and now the resting place for Covid patients in New York

Interestingly, Hart Island had witnessed a spike in burials during the height of the AIDS epidemic in the 1980s, although the scale was much lower than the one caused by the Wuhan Coronavirus.

Dead bodies at river banks, the seemingly ghoulish practice goes much beyond Covid-19. This is why Hindus ‘bury’ too

Several Hindu communities in UP bury dead bodies at riverbanks, and its not a recent phenomenon as claimed by media

Hindu man mistaken for Muslim buried in Saudi Arabia, wife approaches Delhi HC seeking repatriation of mortal remains

The Delhi High Court slammed the MEA for failing the take up the matter with Saudi Arabia, and asked them to file reply in two days

Jharkhand: Communal tension over burial of the dead body of a woman in Forest Department land

After official intervened, the family finally agreed to bury the deceased woman in the cemetery and not on government land.

The Wire and Shashi Tharoor say Muslims have a greater claim on India than Hindus: Why this notion needs to be mocked and dismissed

The Wire columnist claims Muslims have greater claim to India than Hindus because they bury their dead, Shashi Tharoor agrees

No funeral rites for PLA soldiers killed in Galwan clashes, China ordered families to cremate them silently, say reports

The Chinese Ministry of Civil Affairs has directed the family members of deceased Chinese soldiers who killed in the Galwan Valley that they should abandon conventional burial services and instead cremate the soldiers discreetly.

Bangladesh: Islamists dig up the grave of an Ahmadi newborn and throw the corpse on the road because she was ‘infidel’

The Ahmadis are persecuted on religious grounds in Bangladesh and Pakistan because radical Islamists believe that they are not Muslims.

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