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United Kingdom: Pro-Palestine protestor vandalises 110-year-old painting of Arthur Balfour, whose declaration led to the creation of Israel

Lord Arthur Balfour was the UK’s foreign secretary in 1917 when a declaration was made pledging Britain's support for the establishment "in Palestine of a national home for the Jewish people".

UK: British PM Rishi Sunak attends Ram Katha recital by Morari Bapu at Cambridge University

Rishi Sunak is an ardent Hindu and the first Prime Minister of Indian descent in Britain. In the past, he has not shied away from his Hindu credentials despite vested interest groups attacking him for his religious beliefs.

‘Subjecting India’s choices & challenges to international scrutiny is dishonourable’: Varun Gandhi takes a dig at Rahul Gandhi after declining Oxford Union invite

"Subjecting India’s choices & challenges to international scrutiny, for me, is a dishonourable act," Varun Gandhi said

‘Rs 2 troll, absolute disgrace’: Congress leaders abuse Kiren Rijiju for his ‘Indians know that Rahul Gandhi is Pappu’ comment

Congress IT cell chief Supriya Shrinate called Kiren Rijiju a Rs 2 troll, Jairam Ramesh called him absolute grace over his Pappu comment for Rahul Gandhi

RaGa, Cambridge, appeal for foreign intervention and Pakistan: What ties all these together

Rahul Gandhi shared stage with Pakistan-origin professor at Cambridge University where he spread lies and false claims against India.

Rahul Gandhi’s standard is Cambridge, Narendra Modi’s standard is Radio: Congress leader Udit Raj shows party’s elitist mindset while trying to mock PM Modi

In his vicious attempt to deride Prime Minister Narendra Modi as not worthy of appearances at foreign institutions, Udit Raj even confused the 'University of Oxford' with the 'University of Cambridge.'

Smriti Irani gives lessons in management to IIM Udaipur students and faculty, the day Rahul Gandhi was spewing anti-India canards in Cambridge

Union Minister of minority affairs Smriti Irani donned the hat of a professor as she took sessions on Human Resource Management for MBA students at IIM Udaipur

Rishi Rajpopat, an Indian PhD scholar at Cambridge University solves a 2500-year-old Sanskrit grammar conundrum

Speaking about wisdom propagated by ancient Indian scholars, Rishi Rajpopat says, “We’ve been made to believe that we are not important. I hope this discovery will infuse confidence, a sense of pride, and hope among Indian students that they too can achieve great things.”

Cambridge University dean backs claims suggesting Jesus Christ was transgender, leaves worshippers in tears

The Dean claimed that representations of Jesus Christ in male and female bodies have made it easier to discuss trans concerns.

Rahul Gandhi now says India is not a nation like UK, but a political arrangement like European Union

India is a nation, one single country while European Union is a union of various countries.

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