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Disney president wants more Disney characters to be LGBTQ+ or racial minorities, says her own children are ‘pansexual’ and ‘transgender’

Disney themed parks in the USA now refer their visitors as ''Dreamers of all ages" instead of "ladies and gentleman, boys and girls."

Udupi hijab row: Satirist gets slammed by Islamists for cartoon on Islamic attire

Political satirist Satish Acharya slammed by Islamists for his 'anti-Muslim' cartoon over Udupi college Hijab issue

Charlie Hebdo cartoon mocking Hindu deities for Covid-19 crisis turns out to be fake? Here’s what we know

Some social media users pointed out the hypocrisy of these 'left-liberals', who were just a few months back attacking the same French magazine for publishing cartoons that were allegedly hurtful for Muslims.

Argentinian artist accuses Disha Patani of passing off his artwork as her brother’s: Read details

In fact, the anime artwork shared by Disha Patani claiming to be her brother's artwork was first shared by Argentinian artist 'Inhoso' in July this year.

‘Unforgivable sin’, after Pakistan, Iran’s supreme leader condemns Charlie Hebdo for deciding to reprint Prophet Mohammad cartoons

The French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo had announced that it will republish cartoons of prophet Mohammed

‘Beheading is the punishment for blasphemers,’ Muslims in Pakistan protest after Charlie Hebdo announces reprint of prophet Mohammad cartoons

Pakistan witnessed massive protests on Friday after Charlie Hebdo decided to reprint cartoons mocking prophet Mohammad.

Twitter account of user who exposes bias of cartoonists through ‘corrected’ cartoons suspended

Account of Twitter user '“टीपूडा” whose username is @PR1CELES5, who exposes bias of cartoonists through his artwork, has been suspended by the micro-blogging site.

‘Islamophobic’ Dutch Politician receives death threats on Twitter from Pakistani Muslims for a now cancelled cartoon contest

In June, Geert Wilders had announced cartoon competition to be held at his party's parliamentary offices. Later in August, he was forced to cancel the event

How not to pay tribute to the departed – these two cartoons are the best examples

A cartoonist is supposed to think beyond what a normal commentator would come up with, but our cartoonists are poor copy of them.

Cartoonist jailed for insulting CM – it is all Nehru’s gift to free speech

It is time one stops eulogizing Jawaharlal Nehru as some apostle of freedom of speech

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