Topic: Censor Board

Karni Sena has threatened him with dire consequences if he attends the JLF.
Mamata Banerjee talks about freedom of expression, gets called out.
The fake screenshot was taken from a prominent Facebook troll page to humiliate filmmaker Ashoke Pandit.
While the Chief Justice of India says that the judges were overworked, courts are admitting and entertaining frivolous PILs.
The Government must rethink its strategy on small issues
Pahlaj Nihalani goes one step ahead. Along from film-makers, the Censor Board members have also started voicing opinions against him.
Pahlaj Nihalani has been a big disappointment. He is either hopelessly inarticulate or stupidly regressive. Not good for the post of Censor Board chief.
A movie critical of Congress was almost killed by the UPA government appointed Censor Board chief. The post has always indulged in such irrational censoring while our liberals have looked the other way.

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